Monday, January 26, 2015

3 Ways to Use Drafting Light Boxes

Drafting light boxes or just light boxes can be used for many things. From photography and drawing to architecture and drafting plans, these light boxes are extremely useful for a number of different professionals in their work and hobbies. One of the things they are most useful for is tracing. Of course, tracing is done in many disciplines. They are also used in filmmaking and still photography of all sorts.

Some people like the smaller light boxes that are portable and can be taken back and forth between home and work or other places. But there are also drafting light boxes that come complete with a table and stand. These are stationary, but the tops tend to be much bigger and can handle tracing or diagraming jobs that spread across an entire table. These are great for blueprints.

If you use or own a light box of if you are considering getting one for your job or a hobby, you might be interested in learning that these boxes can be very useful for a number of things. Let’s examine 3 ways in which you can use light boxes.

1. Drawing and sketching

Drawing and sketching doesn’t all have to be done free hand. With the aid of a light box, you can draw and sketch on your own, but you can still get the proportions right. Using a light box in your drawing and sketching doesn’t mean you aren’t doing your own artistic work. You are just being helped along to follow a model.

2. Examining, coloring and splicing film

Photographers and filmmakers who still use real film for their artistic work will need light boxes to examine their film reels and negatives. When looking at the film with a box, they may want to mark certain images to discard or keep, or they may need to section of certain areas for further examination in the future.

3. Tracing

Finally, tracing is very useful for architects, drafters and artists, and light boxes offer the very best tool for tracing. The light shines through the paper being traced, and you can easily draw over it onto a new sheet of paper.


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