Monday, February 2, 2015

Avoid Document Disaster

Telescoping document tubes are a worthwhile asset for a huge variety of people. In addition to architects carrying blueprints, there are a vast number of applications for which these products are ideal. They can be used to store valuable posters during a move or to protect artwork as it is moved from one location to another. There are a wealth of designs and uses for telescoping document tubes that can safeguard your work and investments over time. The various designs have multiple advantages and offer distinct conveniences that make life easier when it comes to preserving any fragile document or media.

Plastic, telescoping tubes can be used to accommodate different-sized media over time. Once the document is tightly rolled and inserted, the tube can be adjusted in length. Typical models of tubes equipped with this convenience can extend to measurements of up to 54 inches in length. Investing in this model can save time and money when it comes to transporting different types and sizes of documents over time. The majority of tubes are rated as being highly-resilient, making them appropriate for use around the office or while traveling and flying.

Document tubes are equipped with water-tight seals as well, providing your documents with the ultimate level of protection despite the surrounding environment. They can also be equipped with shoulder swings that make transporting them convenient and carefree. It is also possible to order models with adjustable handles that can be moved in order to provide you with ideal load balance. High-end models feature protective foam in the top and base of the tube in order to give your document an added layer of protection. It is not unusual for the most durable models to be used to transport expensive fishing, golfing, and camping equipment as well.

People have also expanded this technology in order to include economy tubes that are designed for long-term storage and shipping documents. These models are equipped with extra, internal fortification to allow them to stand up to unforeseen, external pressures. Models designed specifically for transporting blueprints come with a unique feature that is very attractive. These tubes use clipping technology that will organize rolled documents so that they can easily be identified and accessed without having to remove the entire load.


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