Friday, January 16, 2015

Clear The Clutter: Are Blueprints Taking Over Your Space?

Keeping paper organized is a challenge in any office. Blueprint storage can be even more problematic. The size of the normal blueprint makes it difficult to use standard office file cabinets for storage without folding the documents.

What Are Your Options?
Many professionals use a rack system. Unlike the large, flat drawers used for storing blueprints, the racks are open. The racks allow you to clip the plans at one end. The plans then hang vertically, keeping them organized, unfolded and unwrinkled.

Blueprint filing cabinets are bulky and heavy. They require a significant amount of floor space. Storage racks are available both as a rolling cart and as a stationary wall rack.

Things to Consider When Choosing Storage
You likely will want a variety of blueprint storage items to meet your business needs. You will want some storage available in the working area. You will also likely want to designate an area for long term storage of completed projects. Finally, you may want portable storage that allows you to easily take blueprints from the workspace to the meeting space or conference room.

The wall racks are ideal for long term storage for completed projects, while the rolling carts are easy to move about when there are multiple people working on a project, or when the plans are needed in a meeting. The cabinets are also an option for long term storage, if you have the floor space available.

Organizing Well Increases Efficiency

Utilizing a storage system for your blueprints not only creates a cleaner, neater work environment, but it also increases your efficiency in the workplace. For example, if a client calls with a question about a project then it is much easier to find the blueprint needed when the pages are neatly organized and arranged in a storage system, as opposed to sitting in piles.Organizing and storing your blueprints also creates a harmonious work space, which can increase productivity simply by eliminating any mental impression of clutter.


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