Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Engineering Ruler Scale

Engineering is a profession that relies on precision to create plans for buildings, equipment and more. In order for engineers and technicians to perform to the best of their abilities, they need the best equipment available. One piece of equipment many engineers rely on is the engineering ruler scale, which is used when creating drawings or models of products or buildings. Available in a variety of sizes, ruler scales can accommodate virtually any project.

Most ruler scales are available in sizes ranging from 4-12 inches, though some that are used in large projects can be up to 24 inches long. Depending upon what scale is being used, a ruler scale can be laid out in parts per inch or parts per foot. Most engineers use triangular scales that are laid out in graduations ranging from 10-60 parts per inch, though flat scales are available for those preferring a more traditional type of ruler.

While engineering ruler scales offer many practical uses in the daily course of a job, they can also serve a purpose when it comes to promoting a business. Many scales can be custom-imprinted with the name of an engineering firm or company to be used as a gift during the holidays or at other occasions. Scales are available in a variety of colors including white, black, hi-impact yellow and silver to cater to an individual's preference.

For many engineers, one of the most popular ruler scales is the five-pack of mini ruler scales. Made from aluminum, they are easy to carry in briefcases and can also be used as giveaways to thank clients for their patronage. Available in such popular colors as blue, red, gold, silver and black they serve a useful purpose as both a functional piece of equipment and a promotional item.

No matter what type of project is being planned, ruler scales are available to handle any job as well as any preference an engineer or technician may have. Whether it's a mini-ruler or one that's 24 inches long, these scales have been and will continue to be important tools for any drafting job.


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