Friday, January 23, 2015

Our Favorite Small Office Paper Trimmers

Businesses Need Paper Cutters

Anyone needing to cut large items such as blueprints, photographs or posters requires a specialized device on-site. Paper trimmers are simple to order from online retailers providing an assortment of office supplies. There are several varieties of cutting machines available with tabletop designs being highly popular for small office spaces. For offices wanting freestanding equipment, the devices are compact and safe to use with sturdy feet. There are both large and small paper cutter machines that are suitable for different sizes of material. Ordering a larger size machine leads to more versatility with the device being suitable for cutting tiny material such as filmstrips or sheets of vellum needed for artwork.

Paper Cutters with Measurements

Architectural businesses need a quality paper cutting machine to place huge blueprints on to make accurate sizes. Companies that make cutting machines print measurements in small increments on the devices to assist with making paper the correct size. This grid of measurements covers the surface of the machine where paper is placed while it is cut. Ordering a machine from a well-known manufacturer leads to having limited warranties when a part breaks, requiring a repair. Employers buying paper trimmers want to order products with safety features to avoid injuries. The most common features are ways to lock the blades securely when the machine is not in use or covers over the sharp blades.

Guillotine and Rotary Style

Businesses that use these devices frequently will want to order models with self sharpening blades to making cutting items simpler. There are guillotine and rotary style paper cutters that are suitable for different types of projects. Despite having safety features such as finger guards to prevent lacerations and amputations, business managers must train employees how to use the paper cutters appropriately. Many businesses choose to keep a paper cutter in a particular location in a building where it is locked away from everyday use. To prevent injuries, only a few employees are permitted to use the machines. Companies making paper cutters also offer a variety of accessories such as specialized blades to make designs.


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