Saturday, January 3, 2015

Poster Storage Cabinets Help Protect Your Treasured Pieces

Congratulations! You have obtained a large enough poster collection to warrant protecting your investment. Perhaps you have a collection of popular movie posters. Maybe you have a wide supply of posters that would look perfect on the wall of a fraternity house. Maybe your collection is every single cat poster every printed! Whatever your collection, you will want to protect each poster so you can enjoy it for years to come. You will also want your posters organized. It isn't much fun to have a terrific collection of posters if you are never able to find that one poster you want to showcase. There are many solutions available for protecting and storing the posters in your collection. Our recommendation is to obtain quality poster storage tubes and a poster storage cabinet.

Poster storage tubes are similar to the tubes used by architects and artists to store their work. The paper is tightly rolled into a compact cylinder. The paper is then slipped inside of the tube with a cap placed on top of it. The paper is now sealed away from dirt and accidents. It is also now easy to store and transport. These same tubes can be used for posters. Your posters will be safe and protected from harm. You will also be able to easily sort and relocate your collection.

A poster storage cabinet is the best place to store these storage tubes. You can write the name of your poster on the cap of the tube. Next, simply slide the tube onto the rack inside the cabinet. The cabinet can be closed for an elegant look inside of any room. It will look simple and clutter free. However, inside you will be able to find all of your posters from your poster collection stored safe and sound.

Posters can be a terrific investment. For example, original movie posters can be sold at auction for hundreds of dollars. However, these sales are only able to be made because someone took the time to store their posters correctly. Protect the beauty and the value of your poster collection. Consider getting poster storage tubes and a cabinet for your posters today!


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