Thursday, January 1, 2015

What are Technical Drawing Supplies?

Technical drawing, otherwise known as drafting, is a valued professional skill as well as an enjoyable hobby for many people. The purpose of these drawings are to create blueprints or schematics to demonstrate how to create something, at least moderately complex or to explain how something works. They can include everything from architectural to mechanical drawings, including those used for building homes or for engineering.

What Supplies are Needed for Technical Drawing?
Technical drawing supplies cover a wide range of tools and materials needed for successful drafting. One of the most basic items is a drafting board, which is a smooth and durable surface used for technical drawing when light tables or other stable work areas are not available;or when it is preferable to drawing something upright instead of lying flat. An easel is also an excellent basic tool to have available. Along with these, a wooden T-square and triangles are useful. These help to ensure straight lines and proper angles. Likewise, a compass is among the best tools for drawing circles to ensure that they have the proper radius. A semicircular protractor is great for arcs or semicircles.

Architectural and Mechanical Technical Drawing Supplies
Kits are a great way for drafters in specialized areas to be sure they have all the basic tools they need for architectural, mechanical, or even engineering drafting projects or studies. While many tools are the same for these types of technical drawing, additional specialized tools are also included in a good quality kit, such as additional tools for curves or a more sophisticated compass or triangle set. These kits provide a good foundation or starting point for someone interested in technical drawing or a professional who wants to refresh their own toolkit.

Overall, drawing supplies for technical drawing or drafting tend to include instruments that allow for greater precision than a drafter could manage using freehand drawing techniques. Many of these supplies are available in tool kits, some of which are specialized for the type of technical drawing involved. These are suitable for professionals, students, and hobbyists.


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