Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What is A Craft Table

People craft in different ways. Some do occasional crafting several times a year, and then there are those who might expound on their creative skills only on the weekends. On the opposite of the spectrum are the serious, got-to-get-it-right, die hard craft specialists. Whether they craft as a hobby, or especially if crafting is their profession, a craft table is one of the best investments that a person who loves crafting make.

What is a craft table?

A craft table, in its most basic sense, is simply the place upon which a person does their work. This is where the pieces that go into making the craft can be laid out, and arranged so that you can view the whole project from all angles. Craft tables come in a variety of styles and colors. Here are some of the selections to choose from:

Flat tables
Tilting tables
Rolling tables
Stationary tables
Desks with multiple drawers
Opaque craft tables
Glass-topped craft tables

What is the best craft table to get?

The type of desk surface needed depends upon what the crafter is making. If they are making something small and intimate, they would do just fine with one of the smaller tables used for things like woodworking, glass making, engraving, whittling, or jewelry making.

A larger craft table is best for things like needlepoint, scrapbooking, lace making, metalwork and quilting. This way the artisans can spread their work out and watch the whole thing evolve into a beautiful finished product, instead of having things scattered here and there.

How much do craft tables cost?

Craft tables come in a wide range of prices. There is the basic do-it-yourself table that you can make by laying an inexpensive piece of wood across two sawhorses in the garage. At the other end of the scales are the professional craft tables. Many of them come with arms that allow the height and angle of the table to be adjusted up and down. They have both deep and shallow drawers to conveniently store your paraphernalia as you work. Some even come with a comfortable under-table bar upon which to rest your feet. From the plain to the more intricate, craft tables range in price from approximately $87.00 on sale to about $400.00 at the top end.


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