Friday, January 30, 2015

Why You Need A Translucent Self Healing Cutting Mat

Protect Delicate Tabletops

There are great reasons to own a translucent self healing cutting mat made by a well-known manufacturer. Anyone who needs to place paper, cardboard or fabrics on a table or desk needs to protect the surface from nicks and scratches. No matter whether someone is using scissors, a rotary cutting tool or specialized knife to cut something into a different shape or design, protection is needed for the top of a desk or table. There are many cutting mats available but having one with self-healing properties leads to a longer lasting item to save a company money on its supplies. Businesses that require durable cutting boards include art studios, architectural firms and craft shops.

Avoid Additional Supply Expenses

In the past, businesses had to buy cutting boards made of glass, wood or metal. Unfortunately, with many years of wear and tear, these materials become severely damaged from cutting tools. Numerous scratches and chips on the devices made it impossible to see the printed measurements on the cutting board’s surfaces, making the items impossible to use. This forced many businesses to replace cutting boards frequently, leading to a major expense. In addition to needing to replace the mats often, the tools used for cutting were also damaged against the hard surfaces of metal, wood or glass. However, a manufacturer was eventually able to develop a material for cutting boards that is soft but resists damage.

Simple to Use Mats

The development of translucent self healing cutting mats has revolutionized the industry, leading to a highly popular product that lasts for many years. Individuals needing these cutting boards can find an assortment of sizes that are made of thick and clear material. Suitable for use on regular or backlit tables, the clear material makes it easy to see the printed measurements while cutting photographs, vellum or fabric. Treated with a chemical that reduces glare from lights, drafters, crafters and artists can use the devices for hours without developing eyestrain. With horizontal, vertical and diagonal graph lines, it is simple to cut materials with these long lasting cutting boards.


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