Friday, February 27, 2015

On the Go? Use a Portable Drafting Table

Are you in need of a portable table that you can use for multiple purposes? Look no further than the Portable Drafting Table! Not only are these amazing works of craftsmanship aesthetically pleasing, - with different colors to choose from and excellent designs - but they can make your activities or work far more convenient. Best of all, they are sold at cheaper prices for every table that you purchase. With dozens of different designs to choose from and prices ranging from one hundred dollars to two hundred and fifty dollars, you're certain to find the Portable Drafting Table that's best for you or your friends, family and coworkers.

With surface sizes leading up to 36 by 48 inches, these pieces of furniture are perfect for doing homework, writing, sketching, using your laptop or computer, working on blueprints, or simply reading your favorite novel. Along with this, the legs are able to fold under the body so that you can stow it away while engaging in other activities. This also makes it very easy to transport or put away in storage if need be. Whether you're looking or something less expensive, something very sturdy, something with the best warranty, or one that's most easily carried around, there is a drafting table available for everyone.

There are also more specifications to choose from, including tables with straight edges, tables with legs positioned for maximum comfort, and tables built specifically for customers using wheelchairs. For extra portability, there are even tables with simple props instead of cumbersome and lengthy legs to support the surface, so that you have more freedom when deciding where to place your worktable. Finally, with a successful business that applies architectural, engineering and art drawing equipment and storage solutions, you know that you'll be getting products of the highest quality

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Student Cutting Mats Make Great Gifts

Do you have a friend or family member in your life who loves hobbies like drawing or creating blueprints? Or do you have a friend or family member who is a student of drawing or architecture? If you can answer yes to either of these questions, you should consider student cutting mats as gifts for these individuals. Cutting mats make amazing gifts because they are so useful in creating great works of art as well as blueprints and design plans of all kinds.

Who Uses Cutting Mats?

Many different professions use cutting mats. From engineers and architects to artists and designers, cutting mats are necessary in many different types of jobs. Many of these professions have a lot of training and schooling involved in them. It is for this reason that students of professions like engineering and home design need to have student cutting mats while they are in school.

Self-Healing Cutting Mats

Most of the best cutting mats are self-healing. This means that once you make a cut in them, the cut goes away quickly with time. It is the amazing material that allows these mats to be self-cleaning. You can get self-healing cutting mats in all different shapes and sizes. The larger cutting mats tend to be more expensive, but they can handle large blueprints or sheets of drawing paper, which makes them especially useful in many cases. All self-healing cutting mats come with rulers and guidelines so that you or your student can make even, straight cuts.

Choosing Accessories to Go With Self-Healing Cutting Mats

When you purchase a self-healing cutting mat, you may need to get some accessories to go along with it. After all, you can’t cut on a cutting mat without a knife! Some cutting mats will even come with knives. You will want to purchase a cutting knife that has blades that can be swapped out after they get old and worn down.

If you want to get a cutting mat, aim to find one online.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Advantages of an Ergonomic Desk Chair

Desk chairs are a great way to increase your comfort while trying to get work done. Unfortunately, many people choose to go through life using uncomfortable chairs that can cause general discomfort in the short-term impact problems in the long-term. Below are four reasons why you should consider using an ergonomic desk chair wherever you get work done.

1. Comfortable Seating Arrangement

There is nothing better than a comfortable chair when you are trying to focus on a task for a long period of time. Uncomfortable chairs can force you to take many unnecessary breaks throughout the day. In the long-run, the cumulative number of breaks that you will have to take because of an uncomfortable chair will cost you far more than the upfront cost of a comfortable seating arrangement.

2. Back Support

Many people go through life struggling with back problems because of their uncomfortable chairs. An ergonomic seat conforms to your backs natural shape to prevent unnecessary back pain. The ergonomic shape of the chair will also ensure that you can set for a longer period of time prevent taking unnecessary breaks. The back support on ergonomic chairs can both prevents future back problems and help soothe away existing pain.

3. Stylish Appearance

A stylist chair can help to make your workplace looks better than ever. Whether using an ergonomic chair in an office or in a shop, these chairs can enhance your business' appearance to help attract new customers. The rigorous design of these chairs also ensures that they can hold up against damage and still continue to look good.

4. Use for Anything

Ergonomic desk chairs can provide comfort to users in almost any situation. You can use these chairs in your office to get work done at your desk. If you work outside, you can use these chairs to provide portable comfort that you can bring along to any job site. You can also rest assured that these chairs are easy to transport in the event of moving to a new office. Regardless of your intended application, you can look forward to these chairs helping you get more work done for years to come.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Cutting mats: a perfect fit for a perfect cut

There are many different hobbies and professions that use self-healing cutting mats. As such, finding a good mat is paramount as well as understanding how and why such a mat should be used. These tips can keep a mat ready to use for a long time, saving money in the long run.

First, of course, is quality. The Alvin Self Healing Cutting Mats, available in green/black or translucent, are well-made and a good bargain. A self-healing cutting mat is made of three layers: two layers of a special composite vinyl with a stiff layer between them. The vinyl composite is a special polymer that reduces the impact of cuts. The molecules of the vinyl stick back together once cut, closing the seam. If a self-healing mat is carefully maintained, it can last many years.

A self-healing cutting mat is most often used with a craft knife or a rotary cutter. Both of these are very sharp blades with many purposes. A craft knife can be used to cut paper or cardboard, lending itself to use in drafting and design as well as art pieces, school projects, or scrapbooking. Rotary cutters are typically used for cutting fabric, so many quilting and sewing projects will make use of them. Using it with a mat can maintain the sharp edge on a rotary cutter for longer. A self-healing mat is perfect for either of these blades.

Most cutting mats have an inch grid pattern on them. This helps when measuring projects and keeping a constant straight edge, a feature that figures prominently in all uses of a cutting mat. Cutting mats are also embossed with 45-degree and 60-degree angles.

Proper care is important when using a cutting mat. Always keep it flat. The mat can become curved and it will no longer yield straight results. It should also be kept out of the sun, which can warp the vinyl and ruin the mat. It may seem obvious, but keep the mat clean. A bumpy or sticky surface can make getting a straight, clean cut difficult.

Cutting mats fit many needs for many craft tools.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Tips For Choosing An Engineering Degree

If you’re interested in pursuing an engineering degree, there are a number of different career paths that you can take. Whether you want your degree in electrical, civil, mechanical or management, a Master’s degree is recommended. More universities and colleges are offering online classes for students. Choose a degree program that also offers job placement services. There are other degree levels you can pursue such as certificate or doctorate.

An electrical engineer studies natural sources of energy such as solar and wind. They may also develop technologies that assist in practical application of solar and wind energy. As an electrical engineer, you may also be responsible for maintaining electronic equipment or other systems. A civil engineer is responsible for developing railways, bridges, buildings and other construction projects. This degree has a wide variety of specialties.

A mechanical engineer studies nuclear power production, manufacturing, and heating and cooling systems. If you choose this career, you will have a wide variety of choices in engineering disciplines. Look for schools that offer both online and classroom training. If you hold full-time job, then pursuing your degree will be more difficult and take longer than a full-time student. No matter which career path you choose, you will need to purchase a variety of measuring tools for maps.

If you’re good at mathematics and statistics, then you will be a good candidate for an engineering degree. You’ll also need self-discipline and time management skills to succeed in an online engineering program. There are a variety of tips you can follow to ensure success such as planning, good communication skills with your instructors and being knowledgeable in the latest computer technology. An iPad is a good tool to have for studying and taking notes.

Contact your instructor as soon as you start having problems with your studies. Students often fail courses because of a lack of communication between the student and the teacher. Online classes are a great way to get your degree in the convenience of your own home. Study and work hard and you will be successful no matter which degree you decide to pursue.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Drafting Tables for Classrooms

Sturdy School Furniture

A selection of drafting tables for classrooms is available from an online retailer that specializes in selling architectural supplies. Selecting the correct equipment necessary for educational institutions depends on the sizes of rooms, budgets and age of students. Universities teaching adult students may have huge art studios that permit large work surfaces for drawing detailed blueprints. Alternatively, elementary schools requiring desks with adjustable slanting tops may opt for smaller work surfaces for students. Budgets are a major concern for schools needing many desks for art or drafting students. At the same time, educational institutions require sturdy and long lasting desks that can withstand almost constant use.

Different Desk Sizes

Students using a tabletop for artwork or drafting need smooth and flat surfaces that are adjustable to see huge sheets of paper or vellum easily. The edge of the desk must hold material in place firmly to avoid errors while sketching or drawing. Despite many students using the architectural desk, it must not develop dents or scratches on its surface. Students also need additional features such as knobs and levers that adjust the desk’s tabletop quickly for different projects. Architectural desks are also available with different leg heights and tabletop dimensions to fit properly in a variety of room sizes. Schools may want to opt for architectural desks with storage systems such as side or front drawers.

Extra Design Features

To ensure desks remain stabilized while students work on projects, the furniture is built with stabilizing bars between the legs. With a split top design on a desk’s surface, a student can have an area to place a brightly lit lamp needed for drawing. Matching or complementing the décor in rooms is easy with different wood grains or paint colors. Schools can select drafting tables for classrooms in pure white, dark walnut or natural wood. Unfinished oak architectural desks are a great choice for anyone wanting to paint the item a unique color. For smaller rooms, teachers may want to have desks with wheels attached to the legs that have locking devices to prevent accidental movement.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Finding the Right Hobby Knives

Correct Dimensions

Crafters and hobbyists require specialized tools to cut paper or fabric correctly. Instead of trying to find an assortment of hobby knives at brick-and-mortar stores, shop online where it is easy to see photographs and read dimensions to find the right tool for any craft. Individuals spending several hours a week on their hobbies need tools that are easy to hold to avoid making errors. One of the best places to find tools designed for hobbies is at a storefront that caters to drafters and architects.

Retractable Cutters

Shoppers can find retractable utility cutters that hold the sharp blades inside the handle to prevent accidental cuts and punctures. Extra blades are included in the package with these devices for a fast replacement when edges are dull. With a sturdy metal handle, these basic cutting instruments are a good choice for occasional cutting needs but are often difficult to maneuver for fine lines or difficult patterns. An alternative for frequent paper cutting is the zippy knife with a plastic handle that holds a blade safely to avoid accidents.

Specialty Knives

Another good knife that is often used in art schools is an X-ACTO knife with a straight handle and exposed blade. For schools and businesses that are low on cash for supplies, a low-cost knife with a plastic handle is appropriate instead. These simple cutting instruments are not a good choice for cutting thicker materials such as foam or mat board, leading to needing specialty knives with unique configurations. These cutting instruments often do not look like a traditional knife but are more effective for slicing thick items.

Replacement Blades

Anyone needing to buy hobby knives must consider their budget along with how the items are used. For occasional use, a less expensive model is appropriate while a business that uses knives constantly should opt for a higher quality model. Additional things to consider are if the device is needed to make straight lines or curves on paper, board or material. Most knives are able to hold different sizes of blades that are easy to change in the device.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Avoid Document Disaster

Telescoping document tubes are a worthwhile asset for a huge variety of people. In addition to architects carrying blueprints, there are a vast number of applications for which these products are ideal. They can be used to store valuable posters during a move or to protect artwork as it is moved from one location to another. There are a wealth of designs and uses for telescoping document tubes that can safeguard your work and investments over time. The various designs have multiple advantages and offer distinct conveniences that make life easier when it comes to preserving any fragile document or media.

Plastic, telescoping tubes can be used to accommodate different-sized media over time. Once the document is tightly rolled and inserted, the tube can be adjusted in length. Typical models of tubes equipped with this convenience can extend to measurements of up to 54 inches in length. Investing in this model can save time and money when it comes to transporting different types and sizes of documents over time. The majority of tubes are rated as being highly-resilient, making them appropriate for use around the office or while traveling and flying.

Document tubes are equipped with water-tight seals as well, providing your documents with the ultimate level of protection despite the surrounding environment. They can also be equipped with shoulder swings that make transporting them convenient and carefree. It is also possible to order models with adjustable handles that can be moved in order to provide you with ideal load balance. High-end models feature protective foam in the top and base of the tube in order to give your document an added layer of protection. It is not unusual for the most durable models to be used to transport expensive fishing, golfing, and camping equipment as well.

People have also expanded this technology in order to include economy tubes that are designed for long-term storage and shipping documents. These models are equipped with extra, internal fortification to allow them to stand up to unforeseen, external pressures. Models designed specifically for transporting blueprints come with a unique feature that is very attractive. These tubes use clipping technology that will organize rolled documents so that they can easily be identified and accessed without having to remove the entire load.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Using Drafting Boards

Portable Devices

Quality drafting boards are vital at architectural firms and schools for creating accurate blueprints. Also known as a drawing table or board, these devices have large surfaces to hold huge sheets of specialized architectural paper firmly in place. Many individuals prefer a portable drawing surface instead of a heavy table for easy use in small offices at home or in businesses. Portable drawing boards are meant to protect the surfaces of other office furniture such as desks or tables. This is because an architect or drafter uses many pencil strokes to create schematics or blueprints. After completing a design of a building or other object with a pencil, the architect finalizes the drawing with black ink.

Durable Edges

A drawing board must resist mars on its surface by being made of a durable material that is easy to use by the drafters. The boards are made with precise measurements to ensure tools used by a drafter line up correctly. Architects may want a portable board with a natural wood grain design or a plain white melamine surface to complement the décor in a room. The drawing boards are made with a vinyl or metal edging to protect it from damage. This sturdy edging makes it possible to place the board on an easel made for architectural purposes. A drafter may prefer to stand while working on a drawing rather than sitting on a chair at a table or desk.

Different Sizes

Drafting boards are available that are unfinished and made from materials that will not warp, making the devices a good investment to last many years. Available in a wide range of dimensions, drafters and architects can choose one that fits inside a carrying bag to take to work or school. Alternatively, sizes are available for use in larger spaces in art studios or architectural firms. Drawing boards with durable edges are especially important when drafters want to attach clips to hold paper or other devices. Having a portable drawing board is a necessity to create small or large blueprints or schematics that have easy to read measurements.