Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Drafting Tables for Classrooms

Sturdy School Furniture

A selection of drafting tables for classrooms is available from an online retailer that specializes in selling architectural supplies. Selecting the correct equipment necessary for educational institutions depends on the sizes of rooms, budgets and age of students. Universities teaching adult students may have huge art studios that permit large work surfaces for drawing detailed blueprints. Alternatively, elementary schools requiring desks with adjustable slanting tops may opt for smaller work surfaces for students. Budgets are a major concern for schools needing many desks for art or drafting students. At the same time, educational institutions require sturdy and long lasting desks that can withstand almost constant use.

Different Desk Sizes

Students using a tabletop for artwork or drafting need smooth and flat surfaces that are adjustable to see huge sheets of paper or vellum easily. The edge of the desk must hold material in place firmly to avoid errors while sketching or drawing. Despite many students using the architectural desk, it must not develop dents or scratches on its surface. Students also need additional features such as knobs and levers that adjust the desk’s tabletop quickly for different projects. Architectural desks are also available with different leg heights and tabletop dimensions to fit properly in a variety of room sizes. Schools may want to opt for architectural desks with storage systems such as side or front drawers.

Extra Design Features

To ensure desks remain stabilized while students work on projects, the furniture is built with stabilizing bars between the legs. With a split top design on a desk’s surface, a student can have an area to place a brightly lit lamp needed for drawing. Matching or complementing the décor in rooms is easy with different wood grains or paint colors. Schools can select drafting tables for classrooms in pure white, dark walnut or natural wood. Unfinished oak architectural desks are a great choice for anyone wanting to paint the item a unique color. For smaller rooms, teachers may want to have desks with wheels attached to the legs that have locking devices to prevent accidental movement.


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