Friday, February 6, 2015

Finding the Right Hobby Knives

Correct Dimensions

Crafters and hobbyists require specialized tools to cut paper or fabric correctly. Instead of trying to find an assortment of hobby knives at brick-and-mortar stores, shop online where it is easy to see photographs and read dimensions to find the right tool for any craft. Individuals spending several hours a week on their hobbies need tools that are easy to hold to avoid making errors. One of the best places to find tools designed for hobbies is at a storefront that caters to drafters and architects.

Retractable Cutters

Shoppers can find retractable utility cutters that hold the sharp blades inside the handle to prevent accidental cuts and punctures. Extra blades are included in the package with these devices for a fast replacement when edges are dull. With a sturdy metal handle, these basic cutting instruments are a good choice for occasional cutting needs but are often difficult to maneuver for fine lines or difficult patterns. An alternative for frequent paper cutting is the zippy knife with a plastic handle that holds a blade safely to avoid accidents.

Specialty Knives

Another good knife that is often used in art schools is an X-ACTO knife with a straight handle and exposed blade. For schools and businesses that are low on cash for supplies, a low-cost knife with a plastic handle is appropriate instead. These simple cutting instruments are not a good choice for cutting thicker materials such as foam or mat board, leading to needing specialty knives with unique configurations. These cutting instruments often do not look like a traditional knife but are more effective for slicing thick items.

Replacement Blades

Anyone needing to buy hobby knives must consider their budget along with how the items are used. For occasional use, a less expensive model is appropriate while a business that uses knives constantly should opt for a higher quality model. Additional things to consider are if the device is needed to make straight lines or curves on paper, board or material. Most knives are able to hold different sizes of blades that are easy to change in the device.


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