Sunday, February 1, 2015

Using Drafting Boards

Portable Devices

Quality drafting boards are vital at architectural firms and schools for creating accurate blueprints. Also known as a drawing table or board, these devices have large surfaces to hold huge sheets of specialized architectural paper firmly in place. Many individuals prefer a portable drawing surface instead of a heavy table for easy use in small offices at home or in businesses. Portable drawing boards are meant to protect the surfaces of other office furniture such as desks or tables. This is because an architect or drafter uses many pencil strokes to create schematics or blueprints. After completing a design of a building or other object with a pencil, the architect finalizes the drawing with black ink.

Durable Edges

A drawing board must resist mars on its surface by being made of a durable material that is easy to use by the drafters. The boards are made with precise measurements to ensure tools used by a drafter line up correctly. Architects may want a portable board with a natural wood grain design or a plain white melamine surface to complement the décor in a room. The drawing boards are made with a vinyl or metal edging to protect it from damage. This sturdy edging makes it possible to place the board on an easel made for architectural purposes. A drafter may prefer to stand while working on a drawing rather than sitting on a chair at a table or desk.

Different Sizes

Drafting boards are available that are unfinished and made from materials that will not warp, making the devices a good investment to last many years. Available in a wide range of dimensions, drafters and architects can choose one that fits inside a carrying bag to take to work or school. Alternatively, sizes are available for use in larger spaces in art studios or architectural firms. Drawing boards with durable edges are especially important when drafters want to attach clips to hold paper or other devices. Having a portable drawing board is a necessity to create small or large blueprints or schematics that have easy to read measurements. 


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