Monday, March 23, 2015

Drafting Desk Chairs - Comfort and Convenience

Drafting chairs are the most important feature in any project design office. Draftspersons plot large designs using a drafting table or CAD (computer aided design). For these employees, drafting desk chairs should be comfortable and convenient. Seating in project design offices affects the productivity of draftspersons and mechanical designers. In some offices, there may be teams of designers who draft drawings and schematics that take weeks to complete. Clearly, drafting chairs should be fully mobile and ergonomically suited to the specific daily projects drafting entails.

Drafting Chair?
Drafting chairs are highly convenient in project rooms where there are multiple designers plotting the same project drawing. Most of these have polyurethane seats. Certain models have a tilt feature and an ergonomically designed seat for additional comfort. Drafting chairs allows draftspersons to sit or stand as needed during their daily design work. Most have high backs and can be adjusted easily for height. The seats and backs may be manufactured with leather or fabric. Most drafting chairs are padded with urethane foam for extra comfort. The size of the project design room usually determines which type of chair is more compatible with worker productivity, mobility and access to drawing boards and computers.

All drafting chairs in our collection are sturdy, durable and adjustable. They fit neatly under a desk or a drafting table and provide maximum comfort for project designers and draftspersons. If the drafting chairs in your project room have become shabby or worn, it’s time to replace them with ergonomically designed chairs. Drafting Seals is a top name among drafting suppliers.


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