Friday, March 20, 2015

Using a Measure Master Pro Calculator

Carpenters are called on to process many figures over the course of a work day. Measurements of length, height and width must be calculated to discover the proper amount of materials to be ordered. The proper size or length needs to be subtracted from existing supplies to determine how useful the remainder will be. A thousand different numbers are constantly running through their mind and clamoring for attention.

A devise like the Measure Master Pro Calculator can make these everyday tasks much simpler for the builder. Unlike an ordinary calculator, it is able to separate figures into the standard building formats of feet, inches and fractions of an inch that they are used to working in. The display can be changed from fractions to a decimal setting for engineering purposes. Units of measurement can be changed from American standard to metric and back if conversion is necessary.

The calculator is designed with the needs of the building trades in mind. It posses dedicated function keys for height, length and width to speed area and volume calculations. Circumference and arc keys add to the simplified tasks helped by the calculator. These keys can be used to discover perimeter measurements and help with the squaring up process as well as figuring weight and weight per volume as the situation demands.

A construction site is often a hazardous place for fragile electronic gadgets. The Measure Master Pro Calculator comes complete with a hard plastic slide cover to protect it from damaging drops, accidental hits or just the sawdust it is surrounded by. An easy to use pocket reference guide is supplied in both English and Spanish. When the guide is combined with the calculator, a builder will have most of the tools he will need to figure building supplies at his fingertips. It is supplied with a long life battery and has a one year limited warrantee to ensure that it is always working when the carpenter needs it too.


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