Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What Are The Benefits of the Alvin Craftmaster III

Choosing a drafting table can be a confusing process. Some tables have features that seem strange while others have no extra features at all. A good drafting table can improve the quality of the work being done and make everything easier. The CraftMaster III is one of the best-designed tables available. The Alvin CraftMaster III has several benefits.

Split Top Design

One of the main benefits of the CraftMaster III is the split top design. The work surface is divided into two parts. This is unlike most other drafting tables. The larger left side of the table can be angled up as normal. It provides a stable surface for drawing or doing crafts. The smaller right-hand side remains flat and level regardless of the angle of the main surface. This provides a solid surface where different supplies can be stored or temporarily docked while working. The split top design makes drafting, drawing or doing crafts much easier.

Built-In Storage

A second benefit of the Alvin CraftMaster III is that the table has built-in storage in two areas. The first is a storage shelf under the main work surface. This shelf can be used to hold infrequently used drafting supplies or even extra paper. There are also four drawers mounted underneath of the non-adjustable portion of the work surface. These drawers make it simple to store small items like technical pens, French curves or kneaded erasers. The drawers also keep all supplies within easy reach while drafting without taking up any additional floor space.

Casters on the Frame

A third benefit of the CraftMaster III is that the frame can be outfitted with a set of casters. These are wheels that fit on the bottom. Casters are important because they allow anyone to maneuver the table into the correct position with little effort and without damaging the floor underneath. The casters make the table mobile so that it can be moved to take advantage of better light or other tools in the studio. The casters can even be removed and replaced with floor glides if the wheels are not right for the surface underneath.


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