Friday, March 13, 2015

Why a Rolling Drafting Table Should Be In Every Studio

A wide variety of drafting tables are available today. Some are classic and have the features anyone would expect. Others use new innovations like tempered glass tops. One of the simple features that can really help is a set of casters under the table. Every studio should contain a rolling drafting table for a few reasons.

Easy Mobility

One of the main reasons a drafting table with rolling wheels is useful is because of easy mobility. Some large and heavy wooden drafting tables are difficult to move. They are intended to sit in one spot only. This can be inconvenient in a studio. A rolling table allows anyone to quickly position the table in a new location without damaging anything or having to call in friends. The drafting table can be moved around to make presentations, open up space or to take advantage of better light throughout the day.

Adjust the Position as Needed While Working

There are many different situations while drafting where it becomes necessary to change positions in order to achieve better control over the tools being used. This can happen when doing delicate work with an ink pen or when using tools like a pantograph or parallel rule. Moving the chair does not always work. A rolling drafting table can be repositioned as needed while working in order to find the most comfortable position possible. This can be done in the moment without damaging the floor or the table.

Added Stability

Several different portable drafting boards are available. These boards are intended to be propped up on tables or placed on the lap. The major disadvantage of these portable boards is that they are not stable. Drafting requires precision in order to attain the most accurate renderings possible. A board could move unexpectedly while drafting leading to a mistake that ruins the entire piece. A drafting table that rolls is a portable option that has much better stability. The drafting table has legs supporting the surface so that nothing moves. The wheels can be locked to keep the table in one stable position. The added stability makes rolling tables the right choice for studios where portability is required.


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