Sunday, March 29, 2015

Why You Should Use Hanging Blueprint Holders

Dealing with blueprints every day can become tedious with the wrong type of holder. Flat files and tubes both have major drawbacks that can make them impractical to use in any successful studio or office. One of the best alternatives is a handing holder. There are a few reasons why every office or design studio should be using hanging blueprint holders.

Keep the Blueprints Mobile

One of the main reasons to use hanging holders is to keep the blueprints in the office or studio mobile. The majority of these racks come with wheels on the bottom. This allows anyone to move all the blueprints on the holder around with very little effort. This is incredibly useful because it means the blueprints can be moved between drafting tables or meeting rooms whenever they are needed. It also allows the blueprints to be stored in a closet or placed in a secure location where they can remain safe.

Protect the Blueprints from Damage

An issue that comes with handling blueprints is that they can be damaged fairly easily when not properly protected. Storing blueprints on a desk makes them vulnerable to spilled drinks or folding. Putting them in drawers could result in tears as people sort through the blueprints. A hanging holder is designed to keep the blueprints in perfect condition. The blueprints will be hanging straight down so that they remain flat. The holder also keeps the blueprints far from work areas so that drafting supplies, employees or clients will not damage them.

Save Space in the Office or Studio

Space is often very valuable in a design studio or office. The last thing people want is to have huge metal flat files taking up enormous amounts of space that could be used for workstations, drafting supplies or meeting clients. One of the primary reasons to use hanging blueprint holders is that they save space. A single rack can often hold up to 1,200 different blueprints all within a very small and compact area. A few racks could easily be placed in a single closet so it becomes simple to store and organize thousands of blueprints.


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