Monday, April 6, 2015

3 Benefits of Using Safco Hanging Clips

Storing blueprints is a challenge for both small and large businesses. The blueprints need to be stored and organized in a way that is convenient and efficient. Hanging clips are one of the best options available today. It is important to know three of the main benefits of using Safco hanging clamps.

Keep Blueprints in Good Condition

One of the primary benefits of using hanging clips from Safco is that it will be possible to keep all the blueprints in a studio or office in good condition. Nearly all other methods of storing or organizing blueprints have problems that could lead to damage. Rolling the blueprints up and putting the plans into tubes can permanently warp the paper. Using flat file drawers could cause tears over time as the blueprints are constantly shuffled around and removed from the cabinet. Hanging clips allow the blueprints to stay flat because they are hanging down. The clips also do not touch the actual surface of the blueprints.

Save a Significant Amount of Space

A second benefit is that Safco hanging clamps will save a significant amount of space in any studio or office. Each individual clip can hold an enormous 100 blueprints in just a few inches of space. This is far more than most other organizational or storage methods. This means that thousands of blueprints can be stored in an inconspicuous area or in the corner of a closet. The clips even include colored tabs that can be attached to individual blueprints so that everything remains organized and any one plan could be pulled out quickly. Saving space is incredibly important especially when a company deals with thousands of blueprints every year.

Can Be Used In Nearly Any Type of Rack

A final major benefit of these hanging clamps from Safeco is that they can be used in nearly any type of rack. These clips have become the standard in the industry. Manufacturers design blueprint racks to work specifically with the clips. This is an advantage because an office can purchase new racks or upgrade existing ones without worrying about whether the existing clamps will still be useful.


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