Monday, April 20, 2015

Our Favorite Blueprint Storage Tubes

Blueprint storage tubes are very important for draftsmen, engineers, artists and others who create and work with blueprints. Blueprints are sensitive documents. They can easily suffer irreparable damage due to moisture, stains, rips, and many other types of accidents. These documents are often transported to meetings, worksites, and other places where they can be damaged accidentally. Plus they may be required to be kept and referenced for many years. Keeping them in storage tubes is a great way to make sure they are adequately protected. There are many types of storage tubes for blueprints. The following are some of the most popular ones.

Telescoping Storage Tubes

Telescoping storage tubes are great for storing blueprints and preventing them from being torn, bent, folded or creased which may compromise their usefulness. They are also perfect for shipping and mailing blueprints as well. They expand and contract so this allows people to use them for blueprints of any size. Telescoping storage tubes are usually made of plastic or other waterproof materials and are available in a wide range of sizes, styles, and colors. Many of them have shoulder straps which make them easy to carry.

Ice Tubes

These colorful PVC plastic tubes are favorites of drafting and engineering students. They are lightweight, transparent, water-resistant, and inexpensive. Many use each different color tube to identify specific projects. The bright colors also make it easy for people to keep track of them. Plus they are made of plastic which provides protection from numerous things which could potentially damage the blueprints inside. Ice tubes are available with or without carrying straps. They are an excellent choice whether people are taking blueprints to classes, the office or a worksite.

Square Blueprint Tubes

These square leather-look tubes are a unique, classy way to store and transport your blueprints. They are easy to carry and store. Their shape also provides an added level of protection for your valuable documents inside. While they may cost a little more, the square blueprint tubes are worth it because they are more durable, stylish, and efficient than many other types of blueprint tubes.


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