Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Some of the Many Uses for Drafting Grid Paper

Grid paper is a staple of drafting that has been around for decades. The most modern versions of grid paper provide highly precise lines making measuring or dividing spaces easier. There are several common and uncommon uses for drafting grid paper.

Easier Visualization of Complex Concepts

One of the main uses for this type of drafting paper is to make visualizing complex concepts much easier. Several different types of papers are now available that are specially made to help deal with complicated issues. It is possible to get the paper printed with polar coordinate systems and logarithmic grids in addition to uniform grids. Those papers can be used to plot out data or project designs in a simple way without have to create a complex underlying framework first.

Plot Accurate Perspective

Rending a scene with accurate perspective can be challenging in some cases. Grid paper makes it much easier to deal with any perspective drawing. The grid makes it simple to align the structures and perspective lines in even the largest drawings. It will become less necessary to rely on lining up straightedges and triangles just to see if there are minor perspective problems. There are even isometric grids to make drafting in three-quarters perspective much easier.

Fast Mockups

There are times when a mockup is going to help settle design and other issues before committing time and resources to a final drawing. The accuracy of the mockup can make a real difference, especially when dealing with complex designs. Drafting grid paper provides the perfect surface for making fast mockups. It comes in many different sizes from fine grids to paper with broad lines. The accurate grid allows for fast mockups that can be used as the basis for a finalized piece.

Double-Check Finished Work

Some of the grids available today come printed on vellum paper. This allows you to overlay the grid on a piece of work to see how things line up. The advantage of this is that the grid paper can be used to double-check the alignment of different elements within a drafting project. The grid paper can quickly show whether there are problems that need to be fixed.

Monday, May 25, 2015

How to Organize with Drafting File Cabinets

In most engineering and construction offices, one of the biggest problems is how to stay organized. Along with the many documents associated with various projects, there are also numerous blueprints that need to be safely stored while also being easy to find when needed. For many of today's offices, the best way to solve this problem is by purchasing drafting file cabinets that are known as flat file cabinets. 

Storage Within Limited Space
One of the biggest advantages of these flat file cabinets is being able to store thousands of documents within a very small space. Cabinets are available in 5-drawer and 10-drawer models, and also come with drawers large enough to hold oversized documents while keeping them free from exposure to light, dust, or other elements that may harm their integrity. File cabinets can be placed either flush or on a high base, offering numerous possibilities for office organization. Some cabinets, such as the Mayline C-File model, can hold 1000 sheets per cabinet for a total of 5000 sheets when stacked. Others, such as the Safco Flat File Cabinet, can hold 5000 20 lb. sheets and can be stacked five high for a total of 25,000 sheets.

Variety of Styles and Colors
What makes these drafting file cabinets popular with so many offices is the variety of styles and colors from which to choose. Whether it's black, white, gray, or sand there are colors available to match virtually any office décor. And as for styles, offices can choose those that best fit their space limitations. Free-standing units that measure 43x32x2 are made to accommodate larger offices, while smaller units that are stackable measure 37x25x2 and can be used in smaller offices or those that need to use their space as efficiently as possible.

Blueprints and other oversized documents are key to any engineering or construction project, so it's imperative to make sure they are stored in cabinets that not only offer the best protection, but also fit in with the other office décor. No matter the limited space in an office, these cabinets offer the best of everything.

Friday, May 22, 2015

How to Pick the Right Wooden Drawing Table

Wooden drawing tables can be an investment, so before you buy one, there are a few things you should take into consideration before purchasing your table. By paying attention to these things below, you should have no problem selecting the wooden drawing tables that fit your needs.

Determine the size of the room

Before you can even determine the table you want, you need to make sure that it will fit into the room that you are going to put it in. You should determine if this is a table that you can keep out permanently or if you will need to put it away after each use. Once you determine this, you will then know if you need a collapsible table that folds away or a study one that you can keep out.

Determine the size of the top of the table

The size of your table all depends on the work you will be doing. You do not want to have a table that is too small that the paper hangs off of the edges. Before you look at the table top size, first determine the size of the paper that you will most often be using.

Determine your chair height

You don't want to have to be uncomfortable at your new desk, so it's vital that you determine the height of the chair that you will be sitting in. Does the table go up and down so that you can adjust if needed? While many wooden drawing tables do adjust, there are also many that are only one height.

Do you need storage?

If you have a lot of supplies that you need to keep nearby, you will probably need to look at a drawing table that has several compartments for you to store your supplies in. Don't just count on keeping them on top of the table, because if you need to lift the table up, there will be no room or space for your supplies to sit on.

By taking a few steps before you make your purchase, you can ensure that you pick the perfect drawing table that will last you for many years.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

What is a Translucent Cutting Mat?

Cutting Mats Protect the Surfaces of Desks and Tables

There are great reasons to own translucent cutting mats that are placed on the top of tables or desks to protect the furniture’s surfaces. These essential office or school supplies are bought by photographers needing to cut photographs into the correct dimensions to fit inside picture frames or artists cutting canvas before beginning a painting. A cutting mat is available in a variety of sizes that are appropriate for each owner’s needs. Many of these mats are embellished with an assortment of horizontal, vertical or diagonal grids that help owners measure and cut paper, cloth and plastic in the proper dimensions.

Mats are designed for Photographers and Artists

A mat is made of layered vinyl to make it long-lasting and easy to clean. This business or educational product is lightweight and portable to permit carrying it to different locations at home, work or school. Depending on the size,  an owner can roll the mat to place it in a tubular container. This is perfect for transportation to other locations without causing damage or place it in an artist’s satchel. One of the most popular types of cutting mats is one that is self-healing because it is made of a specialized material designed to repair itself when it is accidentally cut or sliced with hobby knives or rotary cutters.

Each Mat is Made of Self-Healing Material 

These translucent cutting mats have easy to see graduation markings, making it simpler to measure fabric or vellum without making an error. The edges of the mats are embellished clearly with hash marks and numbers. Each mat is sturdy but also flexible enough to roll, move and carry to a new surface in a room. The layers of a mat are made of non-glaring material to avoid eyestrain and difficulties measuring items. The composite materials of each mat are designed to protect cutting blades in rotary cutters and knives from chips and other damage. A mat made of self-healing material repairs tiny indentations made by any type of cutting blade to maintain a smooth surface.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

How to Use Your Small Flat File Cabinet

When you have a small work area, it is important that you maximize every inch of the space. One way to do this is to use various types of office furniture in your office or cubicle in different ways. If you have a small flat file cabinet in your office, you may be wondering how you can make full use of the space to fully take advantage of this feature. There are a few ideas you can consider as you try to maximize the workspace that you have available.

Basic Storage
The most obvious way to use a small flat file cabinet is for basic storage. These cabinets were designed to store your paperwork organized in a file system. By using them for this purpose, you can keep your work area neat and tidy by storing away files that you are not actively working on.

Personal Item Storage
Some people will use a cabinet for basic storage of work files, but you can also use a drawer as a personal item storage area. You will need to store different types of personal items in your work area, such as your purse, a few snacks, a few personal hygiene products or other things. You can consider dedicating one of the drawers in your file cabinet to this purpose.

A Drafting Desk
In addition to using the inside of your file cabinet for storage, you can also take full advantage of the exterior. One idea is to use at as a drafting area. Drafting often requires you to have a hard, flat, dedicated surface. In some cases, drafting tools can poke through the paper, so you want to use a strong, durable surface. A file cabinet is the perfect solution.

Magnetized Display
You can also use the sides of a metal file cabinet for display. Simply invest in magnets, and you can place important papers or reminders on the sides of the cabinet. If you do not have a metal file cabinet, you can use sticky post-it notes or other adhesives to stick papers to the sides.

As you can see, you can use all exterior surfaces of the file cabinet as well as the interior in different ways. When your goal is to take full advantage of all of the surfaces to maximize space, you can get started accomplishing your goal by implementing some of these ideas in your space.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Our 3 Favorite Drawing and Drafting Tables

Whether you are an architect, drafter, professional artist or just a regular office working seeking a more work-friendly desktop, a drafting table is for you. It offers a broad range of benefits not provided by a more conventional office desk. For example, a drawing and drafting table is extremely versatile, portable, and can be outfitted with a wide range of accessories. For example, many draftsmen add light boxes, lamps, or racks to their drawing and drafting table to make it more useful for a specific artistic purpose.

Another advantage of drafting tables is that they can be adjusted or modified in many different ways. More specifically, the height of most drafting tables can be adjusted.

Avanta Glass Top Drafting Table 

Studio Designs built the Avanta Glass Top Drafting Table with the trendsetting graphic designer in mind. One of the most unique aspects of this glass-topped drawing table is that it can also be used as a light table. The table top is constructed from tempered blue glass, an ultra-durable material that is resistant to scratches.

The Avanta Glass Top Drafting Table has a width of 42 inches, a diameter of 24 inches, and a height that can be adjusted from 29 inches to 38 inches. This table also has an adjustable pencil holder that is perfect for storing writing utensils and drawing implements.

Gray Designmaster Drafting Desk

The Gray Designmaster Drafting Desk is a sturdily built drafting table that has a white matte table top and steel legs. What is so great about the Designmaster Drafting Desk is that the desk’s top can be adjusted 45 degrees up or down.

This drafting table is a no-frills affair and does not come equipped with additional storage, making it an excellent option for those seeking a drafting table with some portability.

Alvin Deluxe Portable Drafting Table

For those who need a portable drafting desk, look no further than the Alvin Deluxe Portable Drafting Table. The desk’s top is coated with Melamine, a chemical that makes the table resistant to bumps. This table can be used in a flat orientation, or it can be elevated on hinges.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Our Favorite Drafting Table Cover Material

Although drafting table cover material is rarely something discussed outside of professional drafting circles, finding the perfect material for your needs is a necessary component for any architect, drafter, or artist. According to both experts and artists alike, Vyco Drafting Table Cover is the best drafting table cover material currently on the market.

What sets Vyco Drafting Table Cover apart from its competitors is that Vyco's covers are incredibly easy to install on nearly any drafting table surface. This is because Vyco can be modified using a pair of scissors, meaning that it can be fit to your table’s exact measurements.

Besides the fact that it is customizable, Vyco Drafting Table Cover is so respected in the drafting community because it is so durable. More specifically, Vyco is constructed out of high-quality vinyl that does not crack, warp, break, or become discolored. To clean a Vyco-covered drafting table, simply wipe a damp rag over the cover and allow it to air dry.

Vyco Drafting Table Cover also works well for other types of equipment, too. For example, some people have used Vyco as a protective material on workshop counters, industrial file cabinets, and bulletin boards.

The Different Types of Vyco Available

At the moment, there are 3 various types of Vyco Drafting Table Cover styles available to industrial drafters. The green and cream-colored Vyco cover works best for heavily used tables and drafting surfaces. This 5-ply vinyl material is resistant to stains and cannot be punctured. Like other Vyco products, the Vyco green and cream roll is available in a wide range of sizes.

For drafters seeking a clear-colored vinyl table cover, Vyco’s translucent vinyl table cover is a great option. Like the green and cream-colored vinyl, Vyco’s translucent vinyl product does not deteriorate or crack.

This translucent vinyl drafting table cover is great for people who want something color neutral for their office or industrial design studio.

A gray and white-colored vinyl table cover is also available from the fine folks at Vyco. This gray and white table cover cannot be punctured by drafting pencils or other writing implements.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

About Engineering Mechanical Pencils

If a professional is in need of an instrument that can help him create precision lines, he might want to look for engineering mechanical pencils. Not only are these pencils commonly used by engineers, but they're also common tools for architects and artists.

Many people appreciate mechanical pencils due to their pure convenience. Unlike traditional pencils, they don't get dull and, therefore, don't require sharpening. They simply need occasional lead refills. Busy professionals who don't have a lot of time can benefit from the ease of using mechanical pencils.

People can explore many exciting options in mechanical drafting pencils. These kinds of pencils are often equipped with innovative components that help encourage precision, accuracy and ease in drawing. They're also frequently equipped with components that promote comfort in writing and drawing. They even often have components that defend the delicate tips of the pencils.

Individuals can select their desired mechanical pencils based on how thin they'd like their lines to be. If one person wants extremely thin lines, he might opt for .3mm options. If another person wants thick lines, on the other hand, he might opt for .9mm options. There are many "in-between" thickness options, as well. For example, .7mm options are useful for people who'd like to draw medium thickness lines. Although there are many choices available, the .5mm option is the most popular one out there.

Finding drafting pencils is relatively easy for people who have internet access. Drafting pencils are available for sale through many web stores that stock tools and equipment for engineers and architects. These stores also frequently sell related tools such as mechanical pencil leads, drafting brushes, drafting paper, erasers, erasing shields, drafting triangles, drafting scales, proportional dividers, ruling pens and parallel rulers. Engineers have plentiful choices in purchasing supplies online. Professionals who need to receive their drafting pencils quickly can select online stores that offer a wide range of speedy shipping services. Many stores that sell drafting pencils provide next day, second day and third-day shipping for their customers. If an engineer has to finish a project quickly, this can be very handy.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Portfolio Cases Protect and Promote

Any artist, photographer, or designer needs to have a professional package to house their best work to share with a potential client. Portfolio presentation cases have the ability to function in many ways for the art world professional. While the price of a good portfolio case may seem high, consider that it is protecting and promoting what lies within -- the visual display of excellent work.

Judge a Book By Its Cover
While the common expression is 'Don't judge a book by its cover', the professional artwork is best viewed from a luxurious and well-made portfolio case. Artwork seen from an elegant container is more likely to be viewed positively. When in doubt, spend more on a portfolio case rather than less.

Protect the Portfolio
A high-quality body of artwork deserves to be protected from accidents and general wear from travel. Investing in a high-end portfolio case is a great way to protect the most important selling tool of the visual professional. In case of a little rain or foul weather, the work inside of a portfolio case may be protected and safe. Traveling with a portfolio case may bring about unexpected bumps or falls. Maker sure your presentation case is sturdy enough to protect your portfolio.

Quality Lasts Longer
Consider spending more to buy a high-quality portfolio case so that your investment lasts longer. A leather portfolio case offers maximum durability that can last you for a professional lifetime. More expensive presentation cases may also have extra pockets for storing business cards, resumes, or promotional materials.

Make sure you shop around to find the best quality portfolio presentation cases that fit your sense of style and professionalism. Invest in a high-end case that protects the valuable portfolio, or book, of artwork, photos, or product examples. Clients, potential clients, and colleagues are going to notice.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Hardwood Drafting Tables for Longevity

Although cutting-edge technology introduces new, innovative products that make life easier, some enduring commodities are timeless. Wood has been used for thousands of years in the building of houses, furniture, and a plethora of other important objects. While metal and plastic have proven to suffice for contemporary home decor, solid wood remains the top choice in the construction of interior furnishings. Office equipment, including desks and drafting tables, is commonly made of oak or walnut.

Wooden drawing tables make excellent additions to workplace settings. Their esthetic effect usually blends well with the surrounding fixtures. Whether they are utilized for artwork or drafting, these equipment pieces provide the necessary angle adjustment and elbow room for the aspiring professional. Likewise, the enthusiastic hobbyist can enjoy hours of creativity with a traditional drafting table placed in a den or bedroom. Most models are eco-friendly and lightweight. They are often less expensive than their metal counterparts as well.

While hardwood is sturdy and durable, it is also attractive. It can project a vintage semblance or simply complement other elements of the room. Sometimes the top is left unfinished or constructed with Melamine laminate. The table may include drawers or storage space for convenience and always has a pencil ledge. Since drawing projects can vary in size, drafting table tops are sold in different lengths and widths. Most wooden tables are manufactured from either oak, walnut, cherry or birch with the occasional usage of other hardwoods. The stain may be covered with polyurethane or lacquer.

Wooden drawing tables are generally built with warp-free materials and last for many years. They are easier to carry from room to room than heavy steel models and serve their purpose without the risk of rust or corrosion. Additionally, the process of harvesting wood is better for the environment than creating steel from fossil fuels and then allowing it to emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Wood products tend to hold their value for longer than metal apparatuses and are frequently more durable in the long run. For a high-quality piece of drafting equipment, a wooden table is an excellent investment.