Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Hardwood Drafting Tables for Longevity

Although cutting-edge technology introduces new, innovative products that make life easier, some enduring commodities are timeless. Wood has been used for thousands of years in the building of houses, furniture, and a plethora of other important objects. While metal and plastic have proven to suffice for contemporary home decor, solid wood remains the top choice in the construction of interior furnishings. Office equipment, including desks and drafting tables, is commonly made of oak or walnut.

Wooden drawing tables make excellent additions to workplace settings. Their esthetic effect usually blends well with the surrounding fixtures. Whether they are utilized for artwork or drafting, these equipment pieces provide the necessary angle adjustment and elbow room for the aspiring professional. Likewise, the enthusiastic hobbyist can enjoy hours of creativity with a traditional drafting table placed in a den or bedroom. Most models are eco-friendly and lightweight. They are often less expensive than their metal counterparts as well.

While hardwood is sturdy and durable, it is also attractive. It can project a vintage semblance or simply complement other elements of the room. Sometimes the top is left unfinished or constructed with Melamine laminate. The table may include drawers or storage space for convenience and always has a pencil ledge. Since drawing projects can vary in size, drafting table tops are sold in different lengths and widths. Most wooden tables are manufactured from either oak, walnut, cherry or birch with the occasional usage of other hardwoods. The stain may be covered with polyurethane or lacquer.

Wooden drawing tables are generally built with warp-free materials and last for many years. They are easier to carry from room to room than heavy steel models and serve their purpose without the risk of rust or corrosion. Additionally, the process of harvesting wood is better for the environment than creating steel from fossil fuels and then allowing it to emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Wood products tend to hold their value for longer than metal apparatuses and are frequently more durable in the long run. For a high-quality piece of drafting equipment, a wooden table is an excellent investment.


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