Monday, May 25, 2015

How to Organize with Drafting File Cabinets

In most engineering and construction offices, one of the biggest problems is how to stay organized. Along with the many documents associated with various projects, there are also numerous blueprints that need to be safely stored while also being easy to find when needed. For many of today's offices, the best way to solve this problem is by purchasing drafting file cabinets that are known as flat file cabinets. 

Storage Within Limited Space
One of the biggest advantages of these flat file cabinets is being able to store thousands of documents within a very small space. Cabinets are available in 5-drawer and 10-drawer models, and also come with drawers large enough to hold oversized documents while keeping them free from exposure to light, dust, or other elements that may harm their integrity. File cabinets can be placed either flush or on a high base, offering numerous possibilities for office organization. Some cabinets, such as the Mayline C-File model, can hold 1000 sheets per cabinet for a total of 5000 sheets when stacked. Others, such as the Safco Flat File Cabinet, can hold 5000 20 lb. sheets and can be stacked five high for a total of 25,000 sheets.

Variety of Styles and Colors
What makes these drafting file cabinets popular with so many offices is the variety of styles and colors from which to choose. Whether it's black, white, gray, or sand there are colors available to match virtually any office décor. And as for styles, offices can choose those that best fit their space limitations. Free-standing units that measure 43x32x2 are made to accommodate larger offices, while smaller units that are stackable measure 37x25x2 and can be used in smaller offices or those that need to use their space as efficiently as possible.

Blueprints and other oversized documents are key to any engineering or construction project, so it's imperative to make sure they are stored in cabinets that not only offer the best protection, but also fit in with the other office décor. No matter the limited space in an office, these cabinets offer the best of everything.


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