Saturday, May 16, 2015

How to Use Your Small Flat File Cabinet

When you have a small work area, it is important that you maximize every inch of the space. One way to do this is to use various types of office furniture in your office or cubicle in different ways. If you have a small flat file cabinet in your office, you may be wondering how you can make full use of the space to fully take advantage of this feature. There are a few ideas you can consider as you try to maximize the workspace that you have available.

Basic Storage
The most obvious way to use a small flat file cabinet is for basic storage. These cabinets were designed to store your paperwork organized in a file system. By using them for this purpose, you can keep your work area neat and tidy by storing away files that you are not actively working on.

Personal Item Storage
Some people will use a cabinet for basic storage of work files, but you can also use a drawer as a personal item storage area. You will need to store different types of personal items in your work area, such as your purse, a few snacks, a few personal hygiene products or other things. You can consider dedicating one of the drawers in your file cabinet to this purpose.

A Drafting Desk
In addition to using the inside of your file cabinet for storage, you can also take full advantage of the exterior. One idea is to use at as a drafting area. Drafting often requires you to have a hard, flat, dedicated surface. In some cases, drafting tools can poke through the paper, so you want to use a strong, durable surface. A file cabinet is the perfect solution.

Magnetized Display
You can also use the sides of a metal file cabinet for display. Simply invest in magnets, and you can place important papers or reminders on the sides of the cabinet. If you do not have a metal file cabinet, you can use sticky post-it notes or other adhesives to stick papers to the sides.

As you can see, you can use all exterior surfaces of the file cabinet as well as the interior in different ways. When your goal is to take full advantage of all of the surfaces to maximize space, you can get started accomplishing your goal by implementing some of these ideas in your space.


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