Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Our Favorite Drafting Table Cover Material

Although drafting table cover material is rarely something discussed outside of professional drafting circles, finding the perfect material for your needs is a necessary component for any architect, drafter, or artist. According to both experts and artists alike, Vyco Drafting Table Cover is the best drafting table cover material currently on the market.

What sets Vyco Drafting Table Cover apart from its competitors is that Vyco's covers are incredibly easy to install on nearly any drafting table surface. This is because Vyco can be modified using a pair of scissors, meaning that it can be fit to your table’s exact measurements.

Besides the fact that it is customizable, Vyco Drafting Table Cover is so respected in the drafting community because it is so durable. More specifically, Vyco is constructed out of high-quality vinyl that does not crack, warp, break, or become discolored. To clean a Vyco-covered drafting table, simply wipe a damp rag over the cover and allow it to air dry.

Vyco Drafting Table Cover also works well for other types of equipment, too. For example, some people have used Vyco as a protective material on workshop counters, industrial file cabinets, and bulletin boards.

The Different Types of Vyco Available

At the moment, there are 3 various types of Vyco Drafting Table Cover styles available to industrial drafters. The green and cream-colored Vyco cover works best for heavily used tables and drafting surfaces. This 5-ply vinyl material is resistant to stains and cannot be punctured. Like other Vyco products, the Vyco green and cream roll is available in a wide range of sizes.

For drafters seeking a clear-colored vinyl table cover, Vyco’s translucent vinyl table cover is a great option. Like the green and cream-colored vinyl, Vyco’s translucent vinyl product does not deteriorate or crack.

This translucent vinyl drafting table cover is great for people who want something color neutral for their office or industrial design studio.

A gray and white-colored vinyl table cover is also available from the fine folks at Vyco. This gray and white table cover cannot be punctured by drafting pencils or other writing implements.


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