Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Some of the Many Uses for Drafting Grid Paper

Grid paper is a staple of drafting that has been around for decades. The most modern versions of grid paper provide highly precise lines making measuring or dividing spaces easier. There are several common and uncommon uses for drafting grid paper.

Easier Visualization of Complex Concepts

One of the main uses for this type of drafting paper is to make visualizing complex concepts much easier. Several different types of papers are now available that are specially made to help deal with complicated issues. It is possible to get the paper printed with polar coordinate systems and logarithmic grids in addition to uniform grids. Those papers can be used to plot out data or project designs in a simple way without have to create a complex underlying framework first.

Plot Accurate Perspective

Rending a scene with accurate perspective can be challenging in some cases. Grid paper makes it much easier to deal with any perspective drawing. The grid makes it simple to align the structures and perspective lines in even the largest drawings. It will become less necessary to rely on lining up straightedges and triangles just to see if there are minor perspective problems. There are even isometric grids to make drafting in three-quarters perspective much easier.

Fast Mockups

There are times when a mockup is going to help settle design and other issues before committing time and resources to a final drawing. The accuracy of the mockup can make a real difference, especially when dealing with complex designs. Drafting grid paper provides the perfect surface for making fast mockups. It comes in many different sizes from fine grids to paper with broad lines. The accurate grid allows for fast mockups that can be used as the basis for a finalized piece.

Double-Check Finished Work

Some of the grids available today come printed on vellum paper. This allows you to overlay the grid on a piece of work to see how things line up. The advantage of this is that the grid paper can be used to double-check the alignment of different elements within a drafting project. The grid paper can quickly show whether there are problems that need to be fixed.


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