Thursday, May 21, 2015

What is a Translucent Cutting Mat?

Cutting Mats Protect the Surfaces of Desks and Tables

There are great reasons to own translucent cutting mats that are placed on the top of tables or desks to protect the furniture’s surfaces. These essential office or school supplies are bought by photographers needing to cut photographs into the correct dimensions to fit inside picture frames or artists cutting canvas before beginning a painting. A cutting mat is available in a variety of sizes that are appropriate for each owner’s needs. Many of these mats are embellished with an assortment of horizontal, vertical or diagonal grids that help owners measure and cut paper, cloth and plastic in the proper dimensions.

Mats are designed for Photographers and Artists

A mat is made of layered vinyl to make it long-lasting and easy to clean. This business or educational product is lightweight and portable to permit carrying it to different locations at home, work or school. Depending on the size,  an owner can roll the mat to place it in a tubular container. This is perfect for transportation to other locations without causing damage or place it in an artist’s satchel. One of the most popular types of cutting mats is one that is self-healing because it is made of a specialized material designed to repair itself when it is accidentally cut or sliced with hobby knives or rotary cutters.

Each Mat is Made of Self-Healing Material 

These translucent cutting mats have easy to see graduation markings, making it simpler to measure fabric or vellum without making an error. The edges of the mats are embellished clearly with hash marks and numbers. Each mat is sturdy but also flexible enough to roll, move and carry to a new surface in a room. The layers of a mat are made of non-glaring material to avoid eyestrain and difficulties measuring items. The composite materials of each mat are designed to protect cutting blades in rotary cutters and knives from chips and other damage. A mat made of self-healing material repairs tiny indentations made by any type of cutting blade to maintain a smooth surface.


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