Monday, June 29, 2015

3 Uses for a Translucent Cutting Mat

Cutting mats are used by many draftsmen and artists. Architects and engineers often use them as well. The mats can be put on top of desks and tables for a smooth surface. Cutting mats can be purchased in many brick and mortar stores, but they are also available on the internet for great prices. A quality place to buy them is at

Choosing a drafting mat brand is the first step toward finding the perfect mat for work. Alvin is a tried and true drafting mat brand that has been in business for several decades with great success. Alvin Cutting Mats creates many different types of translucent, self-healing mats that can be used with pens, pencils, knives and rotary cutters.

1. Use Them as a Drawing or Writing Surface

When drawing or writing, it is nice to be able to have a smooth and bump-free surface. Even special drafting tables and desks sometimes have nodules on them or divots and scratches. In the end, these mats will provide a soft and even surface for any type of work. These surfaces can also be used in between a reference picture or diagram because they are translucent.

2. They Are Great for Cutting Guidelines

Because the different types of the Alvin translucent cutting mats have lots of guidelines, this makes them great for use with rotary cutters or knives. It is easy to measure out guidelines, and cutting perfect lines is a breeze.

3. They Protect Tables and Desks

Finally, if drafters or artists are going to be using rotary cutters or knives on the mats, this is perfect for protecting the fine wood or other surfaces of the desk or table. These mats are self-healing, so the cuts that are made on them won’t end up lasting at all.


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