Saturday, June 20, 2015

Benefits of An Ergonomic Drafting Chair with Arms

Professional drafters and artists who spend long hours poring over detailed drafting assignments are susceptible to back pain, eye strain, neck problems and other physical ailments. One standard design does not meet each person's needs. To alleviate these complications, an ergonomic drafting chair with arms is a great addition to the working environment. Paired with a drafting table, an ergonomic chair offers a number of positional adjustments to suit the desired height, width and working setup of its user.

The weight of a person's arms puts a lot of stress on the body if the arms are not adequately supported. Arm rests designed with ergonomic principles reduce strain on the back and neck muscles. An ergonomic chair with arms allows for a range of adjustments to suit different body types and seating arrangements. Arms with horizontal, width-based adjustments take the width of each individual into consideration. For example, two arm rests with a considerable amount of space between them would not be suitable for a much narrower person who only requires a short distance of arm space. Vertical adjustments allow people of varying heights to find the right position. Finally, front-to-back and/or rotational adjustments allow for the arms to rest in different positions. These options adapt the chair to the person rather than the person to the chair. Individuals are less likely to take on perched and hunched positions if they can choose the exact position of their arm rests and the distance between them.

Ergonomic chairs are made with a variety of comfortable and ergonomic materials like memory foam or mesh fabric. Chairs with memory foam form an imprint of each person's body. This is a great alternative to generic padding and imprints. Lumbar support is also a crucial component to an ergonomically designed chair. A number of these chairs provide adjustments to support the specific curvature of the spine and height of each person. Ergonomic chairs with arms are essential for office workers and drafters who want to reduce injuries while working and enjoy long, productive work sessions without strain.


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