Thursday, June 11, 2015

Drawing Necessities for Serious Beginners

One of the most wonderful parts to sketching and drawing is that it can be a successful career, or a fun and creative hobby to explore. Most artists began drawing at a young age, where a no. 2 pencil and some paper would suffice, however as we develop our skills an artist, there are a few essential materials you may want to consider purchasing as you become more serious about your skill.

Each drawing tool and material shown is presented with a link to purchase from Drafting Steals! Enjoy!

Drawing pencils
Quality drawing pencils allow for your drawing to look its best. Pencil sets are a great option because they contain pencils with harder graphite (9H) and softer graphite (6B). Harder graphite (typically H) will make lighter marks. Using harder graphite will leave impressions on the paper, so that is something to consider. Softer granite pencils (typically B) will make darker marks. Using a “B” pencil will give you more variety. Artists will generally use between a “4B” and “6B” because of that variety it allows.

Using a sketchbook allows you the freedom to sketch or draw any time you may feel inclined to do so. With a sketchbook, your creative ideas can now flow. A sketchbook is a great way to practice your skills, and also a place to look back through to see your improvements over time.

Acid free paper 
Acid free paper is more likely to withstand normal wear and tear. It will not yellow over time, and is much more resistant to fading from UV light.

Drawing space
Quality drawing surfaces give you your own space to work your creativity.

Art Portfolio
Keep your artwork protected and preserve its original state with an art portfolio case.

Erasers can greatly aid in your drawings. Not only do they erase your mistakes, but different erasers will create a different mark. For example, the Gum Eraser is a great tool to remove unwanted markings to any surface that may be sensitive to tearing. Rubber erasers are your typical erasers used for graphite. Plastic or vinyl erasers are known to erase almost anything but are also more likely to tear the paper, so watch out!


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