Monday, June 1, 2015

Tips To Get the Best Results When Using an Alvin Parallel Straightedge

A parallel rule is one of the most fundamental tools for drafting. It provides a fast way to make perfectly aligned lines across the paper. It also serves as a base for triangles, templates, and other guides so that it is unnecessary to make complex measurements to get accurate angles. A few tips will allow anyone to get the best results when using an Alvin parallel straightedge.

Be Aware Of What Is On the Paper Underneath

The first tip is to be aware of what is on the paper underneath the straightedge while drafting. Something that can ruin hours of work is sliding the straightedge over ink lines that have not dried yet. The lines could smear and stain the paper. A ruler that is too low could also cause ink to bleed underneath while drawing lines. Always use the adjustment knobs to raise the rule high enough to rest above the paper. Check that there is a gap every time. Another piece of advice is to work slowly and let the ink dry before returning the straightedge to the same area.

Check and Maintain the Installation before Doing Precision Work

The reliability of a straightedge depends on proper installation on the board underneath. Check and maintain the installation of the Alvin parallel straightedge before doing precision work. Double-check the wires and the screws. Make sure the knobs are adjusted to the right height. Check that the ruler slides up and down easily. If there are any problems, then fix them immediately to prevent problems while drafting. If problems occur regularly, then it might be time to replace the hardware.

Clean the Straightedge Regularly

The last thing anyone wants is a dirty parallel rule. The dirt on the rule can easily stain or transfer to the paper underneath. It can cause ink, pencil or other mediums to not lay down evenly on the paper. It can even make the paper dull so that sharp reproduction becomes difficult. This is why it is necessary to clean the straightedge regularly. The top should be wiped down with a damp cloth. The ruler should be lifted up so the bottom can be cleaned. Let everything dry before drafting again. A clean parallel ruler will help to create quality work.


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