Thursday, June 4, 2015

Using blueprint paper to develop photos!

There are a ton of great uses for blueprint paper, beyond what one may expect. One creative way is to use blueprint paper and Windex to develop photos. Surprising, right? Windex would be the transfer chemical in this process. Photos cannot be developed from negatives, but you can transfer existing photos to the blueprint paper. The ending result would be a transferred photo with a purplish-blue print. Materials needed: container/tray, Windex, rack, Blueprint paper, plastic grocery bag, black and white photograph, flat moveable surface (ex: cutting board), and direct sunlight STEP 1.First things first, you will need to grab a container/tray. An easy and economic example to use would be a Styrofoam take-out container. Simply rip off the lid and you are good to go! You just want to make sure that is similar dimensions to the photo. STEP 2.Next, you should fill the container with Windex. You want to fill it up about half way. STEP 3.Then, grab your rack to use as something for you to set your paper on. You could use a rack from an oven, toaster oven, camping grill, etc. This is so the paper doesn't get wet, but will be able absorb the fumes from the Windex without touching the liquid. STEP 4. Place the container with Windex and the rack inside a plastic grocery bag. This will help contain the fumes. STEP 5.Grab the black and white photograph you chose to use for the contact printing. STEP 6. Now you will need some blueprint paper. STEP 7. Place the blueprint paper (sensitive side up!) on a flat but mobile surface, such as a cutting board. Then place the black and white photo face down. STEP 8. Next, you will need to put some weight on the paper and photograph by placing a piece of clear glass on top. STEP 9. Place the entire project (flat surface, blueprint paper + photograph, clear glass) in DIRECT sunlight for 4-5 minutes, leaving it between the glass and the flat surface. STEP 10. Check the paper. After it is exposed to the sun for 4-5 minutes, you should begin to see some discoloration on the paper that will resemble your photo. STEP 11. Finally we develop! Place the blueprint paper, sensitive side facing down, on the rack that is on top of your Windex container, and close the plastic bag. It is very important to close the bag, to be sure that the Windex fumes stay in. Leave in for 5 minutes. STEP 12. DONE! Open the bag to view your new Windex blueprint photo! Hope you enjoy! (Developing time may vary depending on the type of blueprint paper used. Feel free to leave the blueprint paper in the plastic bag until it reaches your desired darkness.)


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