Friday, June 19, 2015

Using Safco Hanging Clamps

Blueprints are some of the most vital parts of any engineering or construction project. Therefore, when it comes time to use them in an important presentation or store them in a vertical file, it's important to have the right office equipment. One of the most popular and efficient pieces of equipment used with blueprints today is Safco hanging clamps, which allow for both easy presentations and storage in vertical files.

Available in lengths ranging from 18-42 inches, the clamps are designed to hold blueprints as small as 18x24 inches or ones as large as 42x60 inches. Designed with strength and versatility in mind, they are made of bright extruded aluminum and come with black wing knobs, which provide not only a great look during a presentation, but also balanced gripping tension. And when it comes time to file away the blueprints, the clear plastic label holders make labeling and identifying the plans easier than ever.

Very durable as well, the clamps have a limited lifetime warranty and are sold in packages of six. Prices range from $161.30 for the 18-inch clamps to just under $224 for the 42-inch clamps, which involves a saving of almost 50 percent off the retail price. Considered a good buy for virtually any office, each clamp can hold 100 sheets of blueprints or a total of 20 pounds of work, whichever is greater.

While they are under a limited lifetime warranty, accidents can happen from time to time. When this happens, Safco will make sure the problem is resolved to the customer's satisfaction. If any of the clamps prove to be defective while under normal use, the clamps will be repaired or replaced free of charge.

In today's world of engineering and architecture, many firms use digital technology to give presentations. However, blueprints still play a vital role when clients want to examine plans they are holding in their own two hands. Therefore, using Safco hanging clamps during a presentation can make all the difference. Whether using for a presentation or vertical filing, hanging clamps such as these will help keep blueprints in excellent condition.


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