Tuesday, June 9, 2015

What to put in your art portfolio for college

Art portfolios are a small, representative collection of an artist's work. Deciding what to put into your portfolio when applying to college can be overwhelming. Every school is going to have their own unique set of requirements, so be sure that you check with each school first. It is important to only include finished pieces of work for your portfolio. Perfect the artwork you have selected, freeing it of fingerprints, etc. Be sure to organize your work according to style or subject type, making it appear together in some way. One example could be grouping your pictures in color schemes, or according to the type of media used. The order of your portfolio is important. You will make a big impression on those viewing your work if you show your best pieces first. That being said, also consider the way in which you photograph your artwork. Attention to lighting is important. Limit the amount of work you put into your portfolio to roughly 20 pieces. Twenty solid and sound pieces of work are enough to give the viewer an adequate idea of your brilliant artistic abilities! Other important tips to remember are that strong drawings are important, to demonstrate versatility in a range of several medias, and ask a trusted art teacher for help if needed.

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