Friday, July 10, 2015

Different Types Of Rolled Paper Storage

Storing rolled papers like blueprints, drawings, or illustrations can be difficult. The rolls need to have the shape preserved without being crushed. Fortunately, there are now a number of solutions for holding rolled papers. It will help to know a few of the rolled paper storage options available today.


The simplest and most familiar way to store rolled papers is with a tube. These are cylinders made from cardboard, plastic or even metal in some cases. There is a tight cap on one end. Some come with shoulder straps. Tubes are a good option for keeping rolled papers mobile. They are also an excellent choice for transporting or mailing rolled papers. Unfortunately, they are not terribly convenient for storing a large selection of rolled blueprints or drawings.

Standing Racks

Standing racks contain a number of holders running from top to bottom. Each of the holders can accept a large roll of paper or even a storage tube. The holders vary so that differently sized paper rolls can be accepted. Standing racks have a few benefits. They have a small footprint since the storage takes advantage of vertical space. Each of the rolls on the rack can be easily accessed without disturbing anything else. The racks are also very easy and fast to use.

Upright Bins

Upright bins look like simple boxes. The top part of the unit is open and contains dividers that create a grid-like series of openings. The rolled papers go into these openings. Upright bins are very durable and can hold even the largest rolls of paper. They make the paper rolls accessible to anyone of any height. The bins do have a bulky footprint although this is made up for with the capacity of the unit. Upright bins are a good choice for busy locations with a moderate number of rolled papers to store.

Roll Files

A final type of rolled paper storage is a roll file. This is similar to a standard flat file or filing cabinet. Roll files have a grid to store rolled paper in the front so that the rolls lay horizontally inside of the unit. Many of the roll files have doors on the front to create a cleaner appearance and protect the papers inside. Roll files are very strong. They are also modular and can be stacked. Roll files are a good choice for any type of office or studio.


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