Saturday, July 11, 2015

Products for Large Poster Storage

In years past, there were few options available for storing large posters. Some people used traditional poster tubes while others simply rolled them up and put a rubber band around them. However, for students who need to carry artwork to and from class, or architects who need to protect blueprints before an important presentation, there are many options available today. Gone are the plain poster tubes of yesteryear, replaced instead by ones that are expandable, telescoping and even available in bright neon colors. 

Alvin Ice Tubes 
Used for carrying posters, drawings, and other art projects, these tubes are perfect for large poster storage. Because they are transparent, they are very popular with businesses attending trade shows to display various company products. With a diameter of 2.75 inches, they are able to accommodate most large posters or other documents. Waterproof as well, they come in lengths of 25, 37 and 43 inches, with customers being able to choose from a variety of colors including blue, orange, green, purple and clear. Also coming with an adjustable shoulder strap, they are a smart choice for those who regularly need to carry large posters.

Metro Poster Carrying Case
Unlike the Alvin tubes, the Metro carrying case is a 4-inch square diameter tube that has the additional benefit of having two pockets that can be used for carrying art or drafting supplies. Available in lengths of 26 and 37 inches, these carrying cases have proven to be popular with architects and engineers who frequently travel  and need a case that is stylish and practical. Perfect for taking to a meeting or carrying on an airplane, the soft leather material, and zippered top can hold a variety of posters or other artwork.

Telescoping Tubes
A more affordable option, these telescoping tubes can be expanded up to 54 inches long and can be used for both small and large poster storage. Used to carry posters as well as maps, blueprints, and artwork, they offer affordability and functionality while still being a solid option whether going to an important meeting or catching a flight back to the office.


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