Thursday, July 2, 2015

Purchasing Drafting Grid Paper

There are many different types of drafting grid paper on the market, but Keuffel & Esser makes the best graph paper. Keuffel & Esser is a quality company that has been producing and selling this type of paper and other drafting utensils for several decades. Drafters, artists, engineers and architects can purchase this kind of paper and others on our website. 

Special Drafting Paper from Keuffel & Esser

The drafting grid paper from Keuffel & Esser comes printed in orange, blue and green inks. Those who are interested in the paper can find it printed on tracing vellum paper or thick quality bond paper. There are two different sizes of the paper as well. Every sheet of this paper is three-hole punched.

Size of Paper Grids

Artists can also find different sizes of grids. For example, there are semi-logarithmic grids, half inch grids, and inch grids. Metric and polar grids are also available. The best way to purchase this type of paper is in bulk.

Purchase High-Quality Graph Paper

Having quality drafting paper is of the utmost importance when it comes to working as an architect, artist or engineer. Of course, there is inexpensive graph paper available in reams or binders, but, generally speaking, this paper is not usable for professionals or those who are currently learning their trade in school.

Working as a Draftsman Requires Special Tools and Accessories

For those who are working as draftsmen, there are special tools and accessories that are required for the job aside from drafting paper. First, a quality drafting table is of the utmost importance. Rulers, paper, and compasses are also important for drafters. All of these items and many more can be purchased on the internet at This site offers the best prices.


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