Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Benefits of Flat Storage Systems

There are great benefits of having flat paper storage in a home or office, including protecting larger documents such as maps, artwork and architectural drawings that need to be kept flat instead of rolled or placed on edges to keep the items in the best condition. It is not always easy to find storage devices that will hold large sheets of paper or vellum safely while still permitting quick access. The best place to find the right devices for storing flat documents is an online specialty store that caters to architects or drafters. To store documents correctly, students, librarians or architects need a flat file cabinet that is durable and compact.

Protection from Sunlight, Dust, and Moisture

A sturdy metal flat file cabinet is suitable for storing X-rays, blueprints and drawings kept by businesses such as medical facilities, architectural firms, and art galleries. A public or university library may need a cabinet to store ancient maps, paintings and genealogical documents. The purpose of storage for these types of documents includes long-term protection from dust, sunlight, and moisture that degrade paper and fabric fibers. Heavy-duty steel storage systems with smooth finishes and tight construction are necessary to prevent damage to sensitive documents. In addition, businesses want to have storage systems that are available in a variety of colors, styles and dimensions to hold particular sizes of documents and complement décor.

Storage Systems have Sturdy Locks

Businesses can choose to order flat paper storage systems that have five or 10 drawers that are placed directly on the floor or on strong metal bases that often have shelving for additional storage. Filing systems have one or more handles to open each drawer along with locks to prevent theft. Drawers typically have label holders to assist with organization of documents. Each drawer is designed to hold up to 5,000 sheets of paper, fabric or poster board, depending on the thickness of items. Flat storage drawers are often designed to stack securely, permitting someone to store as many as 25,000 documents safely to prevent damage or theft.


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