Tuesday, July 14, 2015

What Is So Great About Vellum?

Whether you use it for arts and crafts or for drafting and tracing, vellum is among the finest quality paper you can use. Our vellum is made with 100% cotton fibers and comes out naturally transparent. It's highly resistant to yellowing and doesn't turn opaque or brittle with age, meaning whatever you're using it for will last for years to come. No wonder it's valued in photo printing, drafting and other projects you want to keep preserved. It's also sturdy – even when it's subjected to heat, light, humidity or any other atmosphere, vellum maintains its strength.

Originally vellum was made from animal skins, similar to parchment. Today it's made with new rag cotton fibers, giving it a stronger quality for less cost. Your ink or pencil will come out sharp without bleeding or ghosting. You can erase any mistakes and redraw or rewrite without problems. Some say it is the closest you can get to writing on clouds!

For centuries, people have used vellum for archival purposes. Today people who take an enthusiastic approach to their craft use it for journaling, drawing (especially with charcoal), scrapbooking and drafting. Some use it to personalize envelopes or invitations to special events, giving their presentation an elegant touch. Many artists favor the sturdy, reusable qualities of vellum over other paper for their beautiful creations. Writers who want a more traditional experience use vellum to write down their own thoughts. Fashion designers and architects alike draft designs and schematics that are easily traced onto different layers. Those who want to impress craft vellum resumes as well.

Purchasing vellum is almost as interesting as learning about it. Not only can you buy vellum in sheets, but it also comes as a roll. A roll of vellum is great for drafting, murals or for creating scrolls (for those that enjoy unique designs/decorations). If you're looking for a new adventure in what paper you buy, pick up some sheets or a roll of vellum to spice up your creativity.


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