Monday, August 31, 2015

Sketching is Easier with a Small Circle Template

Why is a Circle Stencil Important?

Anyone needing to draw numerous small circles requires a specialized template made for artists, drafters or architects. A small circle template is a heavy-duty plastic device with numerous cutouts to make is fast and easy to create an architectural drawing. These stencils are manufactured by well-known companies such as Timely and Alvin to provide long-term use while in school and afterward. Students buying these stencils consider the items a lifelong investment that will travel with them from one job to the next. While many companies make these stencils, it is essential to buy the best designs to have an item that lasts for many years.

Stencils are Made of Plastic

Most of these stencils are rectangular, but other shapes are also available, and it is important for an individual to select the design that works the best for them. A stencil typically has pinpoint size cutouts in addition to circle cutouts that become progressively bigger. The measurements of the circle cutouts are printed clearly on the templates to assist individuals with selection of the correct size when creating a drawing. Each of these templates is traditionally translucent or a light color to make it easier to see the lines on the paper underneath the stencil. Some architectural or art students prefer having stencils with inch measurements while others want templates with metric measurements.

Circle Stencils are Easy to Use

The best way to buy small circle templates is by ordering a complete set when beginning college, and this set continues to remain useful after graduating. Adding details to drawings is an essential part of architectural design, but drawing circles without a stencil could require several hours. Using a stencil is simple by holding the device with one hand firmly against the paper, and using a pencil or pen with the other hand to make a circle. Stencils are vital for saving time and also creating accurate drawings with precise measurements. When it is marred by a pen’s ink or pencil’s lead, a plastic stencil is simple to clean with soap and water.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Selecting Landscape Design Stencils

Landscape design stencils can make extremely useful tools for people who are interested in drawing the landscape designs they envision in their minds. These tools are commonly referred to as being "landscape templates." They are equipped with symbols that enable people to draw landscapes with ease and convenience.

When people buy these design stencils, they can often choose between two distinct scale options. These scale options are both 1/8th of an inch scale and 1/4th of an inch scale. The first option equates 1/8th of an inch as being a single foot, while the second option equates 1/4th of an inch as being a single foot, instead.

People can buy design stencils based on their own specific needs and goals. Some of these stencils, for example, are made exclusively for the planting of gardens and yards, with symbols that correspond to these things. If an individual is looking to draw a landscape design for planting purposes, this type of design stencil may make an appropriate and sensible choice.

It's also important for people to think about other features when they buy design stencils. Some of these stencils are equipped with convenient built-in risers, for example. Many of them are not. Some of them are suitable for both ink and pen drawing. If a person enjoys having the option to easily switch back and forth between ink and pen drawing all of the time, investing in this kind of landscape design stencil may be very intelligent.

Not only is it important for people who are interested in design stencils to consider features before making purchases, but it's also important for them to think about their size requirements. Design stencils often vary in size, even if not by a lot. People should think about what size of design stencil may be most comfortable and simple to use on a regular basis. Comfort and convenience are both keys to success in the landscape design world, after all.

These design stencils are often available in stores that sell products such as drafting chairs, blueprint racks, plotter pens and cutting mats.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Overview of Glass Top Drafting Table

If you work at home or an office as a student, mechanic or artist, you will need a comfortable and sufficient workspace. The options you can use as a workspace will vary with the type of work you are going to do. However, draft tables are the most popular surfaces to work on, especially for projects that require drafting sketches and designs. Such tables not only provide sufficient space for big projects and papers, but are also at either the proper height or adjustable. Knowing more about glass top drafting table can assist you understand the uses and benefits of having one.


Drafting tables have very many uses. They are additionally ideal for people that need a more comfortable surface and space than what normal desks offer. Different professionals will; benefit from using drafting tables that have a glass top. They are ideal for various professionals including painters, architects, and cartographers. These tables have various advantages. One of the leading advantages is that the user can tilt the table up to 45 degrees. This mean that they can adjust the table according to their needs.


There are two major types of glass drafting tables; fixed height and adjustable. The adjustable glass top drafting table can be adjusted to match all chair heights. This means that the user will be able to use it whether they are standing, sitting or using an adjustable chair. On the other hand, the fixed tables are usually 30 to 37 inches from the floor. As this is the case, the user will have the option of using stools or desk chairs they want when working on such a table.

The construction and design of all drafting tables makes them a perfect choice of professionals that have to be accurate when they are working on their measuring, drafting or painting. The majority of such tables come with a ledge that can be used for storing pencils and other wiring materials. Additionally, they have the proper tools required to attach all drafting machines that the user might need.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Ergonomically Designed Chairs For Your Needs

Just think about the amount of time you likely spend at your computer on a given day. If you are in the office for that many hours, why are you not comfortable while you are working? Those who see just how much time they have to spend on the office are sure to understand that they must have a nice chair for themselves.

Ergonomically designed chairs are what those who spend a lot of time in the office are looking for. They understand that a purchase like this is a great investment. After all, the health benefits from good posture and having a nice place to sit alone are a big deal.

The variety of chairs that are available is large. Different people have different preferences in terms of what exact feeling they want to get from the chair that they select. In the end, everyone deserves to sit in a chair that is going to keep them comfortable. More works tends to get done when people are seated in a comfortable chair and can control their comfort.

Some chairs feature arms, some do not. The chairs come in different colors and some have leather while others do not. These chairs come in all kinds of varieties, but all of them have the ability to keep the occupant more comfortable.

Aside from comfort, these chairs are also designed to move about the room easily. That promotes greater flexibility when it comes to getting a variety of tasks completed all throughout the office. Some have multiple things to work on all at the same time, and the only way to get them done is to move from one thing to the next. Chairs that are equipped to do this are much better than stationary chairs that cannot get the same amount done.

At the end of the day, most professionals understand the value of a great chair, and they are more than happy to put some money into the chair that they will be using all the time in the office.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

An Overview of the Different Types of Drafting Paper Available Today

The paper that someone chooses will have a real impact on the quality of the final drawing when drafting. Many different types of papers are available. Most have unique properties that make one type more suitable for certain applications than others. It is important to know what types of drafting paper are available today.

Vellum Paper

Vellum is a very common type of paper available. Vellum is a paper that has a few distinctive qualities. The first is that the paper is translucent. This means it can be used to trace something else. It could also be placed over a perspective grid or other item to provide easy guidance while drafting. A second important feature of vellum is that it is resistant to warping or changing under many conditions. This includes heat and moisture. A final aspect of vellum is that it is incredibly durable. It can withstand the sharp point of a technical pen and the stress of using an eraser multiple times in the same spot.

Graph Paper

A second type of paper for drafting is graph or grid paper. These sheets of paper have a very precise grid printed on the surface. The spacing of the grid lines is clearly listed on each package. Graph paper makes all types of drafting easier. There are already consistent marks on the paper that act like the marks on a scale or ruler. Graph paper allows anyone to quickly layout and measure a drawing. Graph paper can also be used with vellum or tracing paper as a guide placed underneath. The various types of graph paper make it appropriate for any drafting project.

Drafting Film

A final type of drafting paper available today is known as drafting film. Most people call this Mylar. The interesting thing about Mylar is that it has a different texture from other types of paper. The surface allows for very bold and smooth ink lines from a rapidograph or other technical pen. The film itself is very sturdy and has a frosty translucence. It can be used to make drawings, overlays or even transparencies for projection. Mylar is also a very good choice for creating masks or templates since it is so strong.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Acquiring 20x20 Graph Paper

If someone has to buy 20x20 graph paper but has no clue where to go, then he should stop by a retailer that carries supplies that are geared toward people who work in the engineering or architectural fields. Although those types of stores often carry graph paper, they're not the only places that stock those kinds of products. Some art stores that sell drawing tools have graph paper in stock, too. Stores with inventory that includes drafting paper, drafting tables, cutting mats, measuring tools, paper trimmers, craft tables, blueprint racks and blueprint storage supplies often have good selections of graph paper. When people shop for graph paper, precision is absolutely essential. Graph paper is often used by people who are employed in the engineering and science realms. This type of paper is also frequently referred to by the alternative names of "millimeter paper" and the similar "graphing paper."

If an architecture, engineering or science professional needs 20x20 graph paper, he should make certain that the paper he buys is the right kind to the exact inch. He also should make sure that the ink used to make the graph paper is up to his specific requirements and preferences. Blue, orange, and green ink options are commonly available in graph paper. People often have different graph paper preferences.

People should always pay attention to the exact type of paper that was used to produce graph paper, as well. Varieties of paper can often make noticeable differences in graph paper. While some people prefer to use graph paper made of vellum tracing paper, others prefer to use graph paper that was made of sturdy bond paper.

Graph paper has various useful and convenient applications. Some people depend on this paper to plan out rather complex mathematical processes. Some people rely on this paper to create graphs. The options for use are rather numerous and varied. Graph paper not only is common in engineering and architecture workplaces, but it's also a common sight in laboratories and in institutions of learning. Students are frequently given graph paper for use in science and mathematics courses in school.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Keep Symbols on Hand

Drafting electrical symbols can be tricky for beginners. However, templates are available for engineers of all experience levels.

These templates are made of plastic, acrylic or metal. Plastic and acrylic are great for beginners or those who are unsure if they want to be an engineer. Metal (while susceptible to the markings of pencil) makes a durable template that is good for any professional engineer.

Acrylic is good for another reason. It is less susceptible to breaking than plastic. However, it is not quite as rigid as metal. The acrylic templates are a good addition to any blueprint drawing kit for all engineers.

The templates contain a range of electrical symbols. From symbols for a power box to symbols for circuit breakers, the templates will help create a functioning blueprint. The simple shapes on the templates allow multiple other symbols to be drawn.

For instance, the circle on the template can be turned into a microphone symbol or a motor symbol. The loudspeaker symbol is easy to identify among the different symbols. Any engineer will be able to make the blueprints ready for the electrician.

The drafting electrical symbols are great for any blueprint. Electricians and engineers can work together to make sure the electrical systems for any building (be it a house, a theater, or a cinema) will be good to go and up to code.

Wiring templates are also available. With many of the same symbols, these templates are also a good addition for any engineer. Symbols on these templates include ones for fuse boxes and switches. While knowing where a certain thing will go (a fuse box, a switch, etc.) is good, knowing where the wires will go is even more important. No wires, no electricity... and then it would let all the hard work go to waste.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Tips To Store Papers Flat

Flat paper storage can be a pain sometimes. Lying paper on the floor can lead to rumpled blueprints. Trying to store the prints between two cabinets can cause some to slide and become creased. What's the solution?

A cabinet for flat paper storage is a good idea in that situation. They come in a variety of styles and colors. The most common style includes five drawers. Spin-offs include a book shelf under the fifth shelf and ten drawer cabinets. Trays are also available (and they stack) to keep any busy engineer organized. Any home DIY-er would also benefit from these cabinets because important papers for repairs can be organized (IE one drawer for the bathroom, one for the kitchen, one for the TV, one for the yard, etc.).

The cabinets are usually made of metal. This offers stability for everyday rough and tumble use. Depending on the cabinet, up to 5000 sheets can be stored between the drawers. What could be better? For the busiest of engineers, two or three cabinets could store all the important blueprints and keep them organized. In the busy days of this day and age, being organized is a plus.

To keep the drawers organized, large file folders are also available. These keep blueprints from getting into a stack that has houses, cabinets, and the odd outhouse. Wooden storage boxes are also available should space be limited and a cabinet is not an option. The boxes come in one color, but can be color coded by the engineer with permanent marker or sticky notes. Having to look through box after box will no longer be an issue. The file folders can also be color coded in the same way since they are also only available in one color. Posting a piece of paper with the colors and what kind of blueprints are for each color on the wall is a great way to keep from getting confused.