Monday, August 31, 2015

Sketching is Easier with a Small Circle Template

Why is a Circle Stencil Important?

Anyone needing to draw numerous small circles requires a specialized template made for artists, drafters or architects. A small circle template is a heavy-duty plastic device with numerous cutouts to make is fast and easy to create an architectural drawing. These stencils are manufactured by well-known companies such as Timely and Alvin to provide long-term use while in school and afterward. Students buying these stencils consider the items a lifelong investment that will travel with them from one job to the next. While many companies make these stencils, it is essential to buy the best designs to have an item that lasts for many years.

Stencils are Made of Plastic

Most of these stencils are rectangular, but other shapes are also available, and it is important for an individual to select the design that works the best for them. A stencil typically has pinpoint size cutouts in addition to circle cutouts that become progressively bigger. The measurements of the circle cutouts are printed clearly on the templates to assist individuals with selection of the correct size when creating a drawing. Each of these templates is traditionally translucent or a light color to make it easier to see the lines on the paper underneath the stencil. Some architectural or art students prefer having stencils with inch measurements while others want templates with metric measurements.

Circle Stencils are Easy to Use

The best way to buy small circle templates is by ordering a complete set when beginning college, and this set continues to remain useful after graduating. Adding details to drawings is an essential part of architectural design, but drawing circles without a stencil could require several hours. Using a stencil is simple by holding the device with one hand firmly against the paper, and using a pencil or pen with the other hand to make a circle. Stencils are vital for saving time and also creating accurate drawings with precise measurements. When it is marred by a pen’s ink or pencil’s lead, a plastic stencil is simple to clean with soap and water.


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