Monday, August 3, 2015

Tips To Store Papers Flat

Flat paper storage can be a pain sometimes. Lying paper on the floor can lead to rumpled blueprints. Trying to store the prints between two cabinets can cause some to slide and become creased. What's the solution?

A cabinet for flat paper storage is a good idea in that situation. They come in a variety of styles and colors. The most common style includes five drawers. Spin-offs include a book shelf under the fifth shelf and ten drawer cabinets. Trays are also available (and they stack) to keep any busy engineer organized. Any home DIY-er would also benefit from these cabinets because important papers for repairs can be organized (IE one drawer for the bathroom, one for the kitchen, one for the TV, one for the yard, etc.).

The cabinets are usually made of metal. This offers stability for everyday rough and tumble use. Depending on the cabinet, up to 5000 sheets can be stored between the drawers. What could be better? For the busiest of engineers, two or three cabinets could store all the important blueprints and keep them organized. In the busy days of this day and age, being organized is a plus.

To keep the drawers organized, large file folders are also available. These keep blueprints from getting into a stack that has houses, cabinets, and the odd outhouse. Wooden storage boxes are also available should space be limited and a cabinet is not an option. The boxes come in one color, but can be color coded by the engineer with permanent marker or sticky notes. Having to look through box after box will no longer be an issue. The file folders can also be color coded in the same way since they are also only available in one color. Posting a piece of paper with the colors and what kind of blueprints are for each color on the wall is a great way to keep from getting confused.


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