Friday, October 2, 2015

About Scale Master II

If an individual is employed as an estimator or as a construction worker, then he may want to invest in Scale Master II. People who are searching for speedy and precise options for performing plan and print take-offs may benefit from use of this product. It is equipped with convenient metric and imperial graduations.

Scale Master II has 91 scales that are integrated into the product. These scales are able to manage all kinds of applications. The product, impressively enough, has eight scales that are customized, as well. People can manipulate these customized scales to take care of plans and prints that aren't scaled. They can also do so to manage plans and prints that have been minimized, enlarged or even faxed. The impressive Scale Master has the ability to immediately perform calculations on volumes and areas that have regular shapes.

Other highlights that are associated with the use of this Scale Master include the gathering of memory, a push-button counter, a subtract key and finally, auto count mode. It has PC (Personal Computer) interface capabilities, as well. If an individual decides to purchase this product, it will come with a case for protection purposes. It will come with lithium batteries, too. It will even come with a helpful user's manual that can educate him on how to use properly it in all different types of instances.

This Scale Master has a handy PC interface kit that's also important. This kit enables the product to join a computer for measurement input purposes. It also enables this connection for value input reasons. When people use this kit, they can input information straight from their specific plan measurements into designated spreadsheet and estimate applications. If a person buys this convenient kit, he'll receive a software CD. He'll also receive a cable that comes with a handy 25-pin connector. This cable accommodates 9-pin adapters. Other components of this kit are a full installation and use guide and a USB (Universal Serial Bus) adapter. The PC Interface Kit is suitable for use with Windows XP, Windows 98 and lastly, Windows 3.0.

With proper preparation, use of the Scale Master product generally is straightforward.


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