Friday, October 16, 2015

Free Your Creativity With Female Fashion Templates Figures

There are many occasions when illustrators need to include human figures in drawings. Although the artists may be very skilled at drawing architecture or fashion or automobiles, the human body may simply not be their forte. In these cases, the wise illustrator knows to turn to a template.

Female fashion templates figures are particularly useful and popular. Depending upon the template chosen, these figures may be in different sizes, clothed or unclothed silhouettes, and shown from different angles.

A basic plastic stencil with outlines of a woman in business attire is ideal for depicting a generic representation of an adult woman. These stencils typically have a group of four figures in six different sizes. Each size includes the figure in the same four standing positions: two three-quarter views, a side view and a front view with arms crossed. The women are shown sporting assorted hairstyles and wearing skirts of various lengths with and without jackets.

A second type of template offers a more schematic figure of a bald, unclothed female adult at one-eighth scale. This template shows the figure in front and side views. It features precision perforations at each joint and pivot point of the body, allowing the illustrator to reorient the template for any body configuration desired. Each figure is marked with lines and angles for precision matching and positioning.

This second template style is flexible enough to use when a body needs to be matched with its surroundings, such as sitting in a car or bending over to pick up a child. It is also suited to fashion illustrations; outlines in various poses can be drawn in advance, ready to serve as the framework for the designer’s creative flow.

Illustrators from fashion designers to engineers find themselves drawing the female figure every day. Female fashion templates figures can give them the freedom to easily produce silhouettes to populate any imaginable scene, forming the foundation for creative expression.


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