Wednesday, October 7, 2015

How to Select Mechanical Pencils

Architects need the best drafting pencils available in order to make uniform lines in drawings. A consistent line width is vital to avoid errors in architectural drawings created before building structures such as apartment buildings, bridges and homes.

If a drawing has a smudge, then it can lead to mistakes when ordering building materials such as metal beams and drywall panels. A mechanical pencil is the type of writing instrument that architects choose when working on drawings because the items do not require sharpening.

A high-quality mechanical pencil manufactured by a well-known company also has features that will make it desirable. Anyone using one of these mechanical pencils wants an item that is easy to hold without causing hand or wrist fatigue.

Types of Mechanical Pencil Features

Each individual has a preference for the type of mechanical pencil required, and this is why companies make a variety of styles such as:

• Twist erase feature
• Point retracting
• Metal knurled grips
• Handcrafted
• Balanced
• Outside case color
• Eraser under the lid
• Cushioned points
• Window to view lead
• Color-coded barrel

With an assortment of mechanical pencil choices, each architectural student can choose a writing instrument that works best for them to create accurate schematics and blueprints.

There are Several Lead Thicknesses for Mechanical Pencils

It is possible to select a mechanical pencil that uses these types of lead:

• Fine
• Thin
• Medium
• Thick

Always buy the best drafting pencils from established companies that also manufacture quality lead that resists smudging and is easy to insert into the writing instrument.

Mechanical Pencils are an Important Investment

Mechanical pencils are available at different prices to meet the needs of college students or architectural firms, and many individuals prefer to order several at bulk prices.

There are good reasons to have extra mechanical pencils ready while creating a drawing, including saving time instead of needing to replace the lead immediately or switching quickly to different lead thicknesses.

A mechanical pencil is an investment in a professional’s work life or a student’s academic life and requires careful consideration before making a purchase.


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