Monday, October 19, 2015

The Advantages of Using Vinyl Table Top Covers to Protect Drafting Boards

Drafting tables are some of the most used pieces of equipment within engineering and design offices. Over time, many of them become worn due to sharp items such as compass points, tacks, and pencils constantly being pressed onto their surfaces. However, more and more companies in recent years have discovered vinyl table top covers as a way to protect their tables from wear and tear. Smooth, durable, and easy to install, these 5-ply covers are available in 10-yard rolls up to 60 inches wide or as precut sheets ranging in size from 18"x24" up to 48"x96".

One of the biggest advantages of vinyl table top covers is the ability to custom cut them to fit virtually any work surface. In addition to drafting tables, they can also be used on file cabinets, counter tops, and other surfaces within the office. They are also known for being easy to clean, requiring only a damp cloth or sponge to wipe away stains and other marks left by pencils. Because they are self-sealing, they retain their smooth surface and can recover almost immediately from impressions left from drawings.

The most popular styles of covers include green/cream, gray/white, and translucent. Of the three, translucent has proven to be very effective in protecting surfaces of fine wood furniture. As a result, it has been used extensively on the surfaces of office desks to protect the surface against various types of damage. Along with this, it has also been found to be effective for use over grid or graph paper, and for protecting the glass surfaces of light boxes and tables from being scratched or broken.

With its ability to not discolor, crack, or deteriorate as the years go by, covers such as these have proven to be smart choices for protecting furniture in many engineering offices. By being able to prolong the life of drafting boards, tables, desks, and other office furniture, vinyl covers have been well worth the investment. As offices everywhere continue to look for ways to save money, these covers will continue to be used extensively.


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