Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Art Hobby Table

Specialty Tables for Artists

Anyone with a hobby can benefit from having a specialized flat surface to hold supplies such as paintbrushes between sessions. An art hobby table is a wise financial investment that is meant to last a lifetime, and the best way to find one is in a store that carries numerous brands, sizes and styles. Take careful measurements of the space available in an office or home before shopping for a table for sketching or painting to have the correct size.

Choose Slanting Art Tables

Three well-known companies that manufacture furniture for architects, drafters and artists are Futura, Alvin and Vision. Artists require adjustable tabletops designed to hold a sheet of paper or vellum at the correct angle. In addition to a tabletop that slants at a variety of angles, an artist should have adjustable table legs that make it possible to sit on a high stool or regular chair. In some cases, artists need to stand while they paint, and they want a tabletop that becomes a flat easel.

Glass or Wood Tables

Depending on the space where an artist is working, they can require a table on wheels that is easy to move. Students may want a table that folds in order to transport it to a classroom. Some artists require a glass tabletop that is marked with measurements and easy to see through to have additional natural light. Alternatively, when a craft table is placed in a living room, an artist might prefer a wood tabletop made of cherry or maple that matches the other furniture in a room.

Choose Tables with Accessories 

Art hobby tables have other features and accessories that make creating sketches or paintings easier. Some of the features that artists may enjoy are drawers underneath the tabletop that will hold supplies such as tubes of paint or colored pens. Many artists want a tabletop with a raised edge that prevents pens and pencils from rolling off the bottom. Additional accessories include trays attached to the sides of the tables to hold wet paintbrushes or broken pencils.


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