Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Drafting Tools and Supplies - Keuffel & Esser

Drafting tools can be extremely helpful for individuals who are employed as engineers and architects. These types of supplies can often even be beneficial for people who are professional artists. Many people who draw as a hobby use them, as well.

There are a number of well-known brands that manufacture drafting tools for a wide range of diverse applications. One established drafting supplies brand that exists is known as Keuffel & Esser (The Keuffel and Esser Co.). People commonly refer to this brand simply as "K & E." It was established back in 1867 and has been a strong force in the drafting tools world ever since that time. Keuffel & Esser drafting tools are extremely popular with people who have jobs as engineers and architects. It isn't at all unusual to spot these drafting tools in educational institutions, as well.

Some examples of the many different types of drafting tools available from Keuffel & Esser include tracing graph paper and slide rules. If an individual is shopping for drawing materials or tools for surveying purposes, he should be able to easily find suitable options through Keuffel & Esser.

Finding drafting tools that are made by Keuffel & Esser isn't at all a complicated task. These drafting tools typically are available for sale at the majority of stores that specialize in art, engineering and architectural supplies. If a person is looking for Keuffel & Esser drafting tools, he should be able to spot them in stores that sell drafting tables, presentation cases, drafting paper, cutting mats and blueprint racks, for example.

People who are shopping for high-quality drafting tools and supplies can always benefit from being extremely diligent, detail-oriented and cautious. It's crucial to never be rash. There are many options in drafting supplies available to shoppers. 


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