Thursday, December 3, 2015

Keuffel and Esser Engineering Grid Paper

High-quality drafting tools are necessary for many people who have jobs in various fields such as engineering and architecture. Keuffel & Esser drafting tools are commonly seen in the offices and work spaces of engineers and architects alike. Drafting supplies and instruments are the Keuffel and Esser Co. specialties. Graph paper specifically is a K&E specialty.

Whether an individual is on the lookout for log engineering graphing, polar, metric or drafting inch paper, he or she should be able to find it through K&E. This sturdy engineering grid paper is produced using a handful of different ink colors, specifically blue, orange and green. When this engineering grid paper is printed, it's printed on either tracing vellum or first-rate bond paper. Sheets of this engineering grid paper all feature three hole punches. This paper is equipped with polar, semi-logarithmic, inch, metric or half inch logarithmic grid patterns.

People who buy this engineering grid paper have a lot of convenient options to consider. Some of them opt for 10 by 10-inch grid paper, while others opt for 20 by 20-inch grid paper. Their choices typically depend on their specific assignments and needs.

Engineering paper comes in handy for a variety of professionals. Archeologists, scientists, and engineers, for example, are all professionals who frequently rely on engineering graph paper. They employ this type of paper for purposes of plotting, charting, diagramming and recording pertinent information.

This kind of paper typically isn't at all expensive, especially when it's purchased in bulk. Professionals who have to use engineering graph paper on a regular basis frequently buy it in large quantities all at once. Vendors that sell engineering graph paper often establish designated minimum quantities for purchase. The more sheets of engineering graph paper a person purchases, the less expensive the individual sheets usually become.

Engineering graph paper can be found at many stores that specialize in drafting instruments for professionals. This kind of paper is frequently sold alongside products such as cutting mats, drafting furniture, blueprint racks, plotter pens, roll storage, paper trimmers and even clear print vellum paper. Choices in engineering graph paper tend to be plentiful.


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