Sunday, January 3, 2016

Isometric paper has a variety of uses

Isometric paper is a paper that is printed with a blue grid on one side. The grid is evenly spaced and has lines at 30°, 90°, and 120°. These angles will help with designing 3-dimensional objects rotated at 45°. This paper is ideal for engineers or other design orientated jobs that would require the drawing of models with accurate scaling. This paper is also able to be used by architects to get a better idea of the scale of items in their construction. 

This isometric paper is designed to print sharp and dense images that will stand out against the white background of the paper. This paper is able to work with any kind of printer and will get you the accurate and detailed image you desire. In addition to being compatible with copier, inkjet, and laser printers users are also able to write on this paper with pencil and ink.

This paper also has the ability to allow artist to better represent perspective using the angles already printed on the paper. The lines allow for a 2-point perspective drawing which will aid artists on recreating accurate perspectives for their designs. Using this perspective method, users of this product will be able to shift the perspective of the object they are drawing with ease as the lines printed on the paper allow for easy translation of object across the plains. There is no easier way to draw a 3-dimensional object than with this paper.

Once the engineer or artist has a rough drawing of what they want to create on this paper, it will be simple to convert their idea into any of the electronic modeling tools available on the internet. The three lines represent length, width, and height forming a grid of equilateral triangle which helps to transform the traditional 2-dimensional grid paper into something that can be used to draw accurately and scale images for 3-dimensional recreation.


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